jews Roast Tom Brady. exposé and tutorial

jews Roast Tom Brady. Alt titles: Let’s Roast the Roast of Tom Brady. Tom Brady Roasts Himself. jews Roast crypto-jew Tom Brady. yeah.

This long detailed video is three things in one: a review of the program of utter degeneracy; an exposé of the degeneracy and the perps; and a how-to on identifying jews pretending to be Whites.

You see, by the many jews pretending to be Whites on the Netflix show, the jews and blacks on the show were given pretext to spew their hateful anti-White “jokes.” Note: There were no anti-jew jokes. And there were no anti-black jokes, though the jew Julian Edelman pretended to tell two.

Evidence is here. Proof is here.

For a big clue on my depth and breadth of knowledge on all of this, scan through my CREDENTIALS Page. I stand by what I say. Not beliefs. Not opinions. Verified facts assembled into solid knowledge — no matter how censored and demonized by governments and big media.


Jim Laffrey

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