The purposes of this page are to provide:

  • particular books to which I have added my own comments — a necessity for David Irving books, as the main examples,
  • my own book,
  • selected articles I wrote and published on my previous websites, and
  • selected images.

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After you read any David Irving books, so biased against Adolf Hitler and heroic Germany of 1933-45, the following two books are antidotes! Hans Ulrich Rudel and Leon Degrelle were fabulous heroes, and their books are packed with action and well spiced with wisdom.

Now, here are the David Irving books related to Adolf Hitler and heroic Germany of 1933-45 that I have. I post them here because of the commentary I have added to them, thus balancing Irving’s anti-German bias with my knowledge from extensive readings.

Another book related to this subject is Albert Speer’s autobiography, which is a dishonest book with two obvious ulterior motives. I provide it here only because I have added my comments to help the reader learn what is likely true and reject what is surely false.

Now, four of my own historic articles, saved as pdf files of the originals as they appeared on my website “WhitesWillWin” years ago. First, the truth about the writing and adoption of the CONstitution, and I do mean “CON.” The second, third, and fourth have titles that seem self-explanatory. ENJOY!

My one and only book. True story. History, recent events, romance, and forensic science. Warts and all. I was wrenched from dishonor toward true White Honor, and the book is intended to help any and all of my fellow Whites achieve the same — if you haven’t already.


Béchamp Or Pasteur? By Ethel Douglas Thomson Hume. Published 1923, 1932. ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, many White scientists (though ignorant of jewry) knew and said and wrote that Louis Pasteur was a liar, thief, and killer of thousands upon thousands of people through his poisons called “vaccines.” Pasteur stole and corrupted the discoveries of the great White scientist Antoine Béchamp. This book gives all the documentation required for proof. My own investigations spurred by this book have turned up plenty of evidence for me to conclude that Pasteur was a jew — that’s how he got away with his crimes, that’s why he was glorified despite being exposed by the best White scientists, and that is why Pasteur is still protected and glorified to this day, as jews control the big media, the medical institutions, and government itself.

The following pdf file includes my notes made on first read, expressing my cautiousness. Since then, I have read the book again, and I declare it a very important work of truth that totally destroys the ensuing parade of jew lies about so-called “viruses” and “vaccines,” including the current heinous criminal and murderous fraud of “covid” and the jews’ poison jabs. (Posted Nov. 2021.)