Caution: This website, and especially this page, is the best concise Top-Truth resource on the internet. In general, people who think they get important truth from tv or movies or the government can not handle this site. They cannot even handle the first paragraph below starting with “Our White race.” One of my maxims is “The Ignorant Always Think They’re Not.” Likewise, me 15 years ago! The knowledge I’ve amassed here would have shocked and repulsed even me in my younger days. So, for most people, I suggest caution. Judge not by emotion but by verifiable facts. The truth does not fear investigation, but the liars and fools sure do.

Our White race built the Foundational Knowledge System that informs and guides everyone in civilizations on this planet. The jews have deliberately horrendously corrupted our Foundational Knowledge System. For this crime alone they deserve to be exterminated.

Part of what I am doing is correcting passages in our White Foundational Knowledge System, and adding to it.

It is appropriate, then, to provide my credentials. Why should my fellow Whites trust my corrections and additions? Well, here’s how truth works:

Facts –> Knowledge –> Wisdom

I am dedicated to that. And let me here state one of my many WoWs (Words of Wisdom):

On the railroad track of TRUTH, belief is the first step off the rails.

Most people have “beliefs” and think they need them and must have them. Wrong. By definition, “belief” is accepting something as true without verifiable facts to support it.

Every set of believers on the planet thinks their own set of beliefs is correct and that all the others are wrong. For example, every separate faction of believers in Christianity thinks their own faction is correct and all the other factions of Christianity are wrong and all the other religions are wrong.

Thus, each believer has 99 percent of the world’s population thinking he or she is wrong. It’s funny to realize that only one faction — at most — can be correct. Either one and only one of the hundreds or thousands of factions is correct, or they are all wrong.

That’s belief. And that’s no way to build knowledge. That’s a way to flounder life away, generation after generation. It’s also a weakness for the enemy to exploit, which the jews certainly do.

So, with such principles, verifiable facts, and knowledge in mind, let me now convey a list of what I consider my credentials. It’s a big list. As an example of what required length, I have provided a list of the most significant books I have read. And with a brief description why each book is significant, well, that meant dozens of titles and blurbs.

Let’s get to it!

  • The Who
    • I am James “Jim” Laffrey, of Mount Clemens, Michigan; Gould City and Engadine, Michigan; Crossville, Tennessee; Los Angeles, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Marquette, Michigan; Ebina, Japan; Honolulu, Hawaii; Hanoi and many other cities in Vietnam; a couple other locations; and then back in my homestate of Michigan for several years, and now South Dakota.
  • University Degrees
    • Bachelor of Arts: English-Journalism. Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee.
    • Master’s Degree: English — Creative Writing. Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Michigan.
    • Master’s Degree: Teacher of English as a Second (Foreign) Language. University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Life Experiences
    • worked for the jewsmedia (PBS-TV in Cookeville, Tennessee, and the former Nashville Banner daily newspaper in Nashville, Tennessee) before I learned about jews, so I now know how the jewsmedia work against us.
    • dated a rich jewess in a small town before learning about jews; in hindsight, I see how crypto-jew families pretend to be Whites while working against us, right under our noses.
    • taught English in the USA (Michigan and Hawaii) to students from around the world, gaining knowledge of their races’ characteristics.
    • taught English in Japan and Vietnam, learned their languages for basic conversation, and learned their racial characteristics.
    • founded and operated the weekly entertainment magazine Marquette Jam; in hindsight, I see how jews sabotaged the enterprise.
    • worked at Walmart, learning the depth and breadth of that jew-controlled corporation’s anti-White propaganda and policies.
  • Websites
    • My first website was in the 1990s. If you will read my book “WHITE HONOR: Meriwether Lewis, a Modern Journalist, and the Enemy Jews” you will learn when and how I became an expert on the great White man Meriwether Lewis. It’s here, for free, on my BOOKS+ Page.
    • My second website was “Equal Party USA” on . As I voraciously researched about jews and race, I morphed the site into the “UNequal Party USA.” Yes, funny, but true. deleted that site, saying that I violated their policy by “inciting violence.” Of course I incited violence! I incited violence against the enemy that was (and is) inciting violence against us every day, and my articles proved it. A MAN incites his fellow MEN to violence to kill the enemy and win the war. Now, compare this truth to all the adult male children out there on the Internet who refuse to say we must kill the enemy and who insult the few of us MEN who do.
    • My third website was WhitesWillWin! Full name was — and I soon regretted putting that word “party” in it. The site was up from about 2012 to late 2017. It was the strongest pro-White anti-jew site on the planet, and I do say so myself. Not the “strongest” in the sense of “extreme” but in the sense of knowledge and consistent, correct message, including the fact that we must kill the enemy, and the enemy is jewry.
    • Now, in 2020, MyWhiteTV.
    • Callahan Braun” on is also me and mine. . It includes some vital remnants of WhitesWillWin.
    • PATTON.45” on is also me and mine. . It includes my original songs and music videos.

Note: I recently found that many of my articles from the “UNequalParty” site were saved by the Wayback Machine! So, I mined that treasure trove, along with the Wayback’s archive of WhitesWillWin articles, and I added links to many items listed below. The oldest stuff shows my growth in knowledge for all to see — and judge.

  • BOOKS and the equivalents of books online that I have digested. Big list. It is not organized although there are some related groupings. I have noted the most important books by CAPITALIZING the titles. Most of these can be found for free as pdf files on and/or other free book sites such as Also, a few are on my BOOKS+ page on this site. If you can’t find one that you want, let me know by email. If able, I’ll send a copy.
    • THE INTERNATIONAL JEW: THE WORLD’S FOREMOST PROBLEM by Henry Ford, published 1922. Yes, the great inventor-automaker Henry Ford. This was (and probably still is) the single largest exposure of what the jews control and of the jews’ crimes. The great book has two flaws: Christianity is defended throughout, and the conclusion is that “jews must change” and become decent humans! The content of the previous chapters proved that jews will not change! LINKS: This link opens as the pdf version (the full four-volume version) on JRBooksOnline. This link opens as one of the pdf versions (volume one only) available on
    • The Magnet — A Romance of the Battles of Modern Giants, a novel, by Alfred Owen Crozier, 1908. This was the admirable Alfred Crozier’s first book attempt to inform and persuade the public and politicians against the banksters and their plans for dominance over us all. This is a good book, but it did not have the impact Crozier desired, so he wrote and published his historic book U.S. Money vs. Corporation Currency.
    • U.S. MONEY VS CORPORATE CURRENCY by Alfred Owen Crozier, published in 1912. He unveiled the jews’ repeated efforts to establish what they did establish just a year later, in 1913: The Federal Reserve. And he correctly predicted how they would use that money power against us, which they have done. A great book, including documentation to senators and the president.
    • THE BIOLOGICAL JEW by Eustace Mullins, published in 1967. Science and history prove the jew race is a vile parasite on humanity. (Far below, see my group of other Mullins books, including one more in all caps.)
    • MEIN KAMPF by Adolf Hitler. In English, the title means “My Struggle.” Published in the 1920s, several years before Mr. Hitler was elected and appointed to Germany’s highest offices, he shared his true story of struggling to make his way in the world after the deaths of his parents, his learning about the jews, his vital experiences as a volunteer soldier in World War One, and his knowledge and wisdom on how the German people could overcome the jew hell inflicted upon them in the wake of WW1. My favorite of three translations I have read: The Stalag Edition.
    • THE LIBERTY BELL magazine. Right, not a book. Published by the highly admirable German American George Dietz, wise to jewry, in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s. A large archive of pdf files is freely available on Tom Metzger’s website: . I read them all. I read many of them more than once. The Liberty Bell magazine serves as the best, concise, first-draft of recent history in existence. Articles by Revilo P. Oliver were featured in most issues — a White college education right there! JB Campbell is another of the many famous contributors.
    • George Orwell’s Review Of “Mein Kampf”, March 1940. Not a book, but a significant article about a historic book and author. Orwell (real name Eric Arthur Blair) got it wrong. That tells us about Orwell. Ignorant? Couldn’t be. Therefore, deliberate propagandist. And that’s what Eustace Mullins said Orwell was, especially in regard to Orwell’s book “1984” telling us what would be done to us and how bleak it would be.
    • 1984, by George Orwell, published in 1949 by Secker and Warburg. Warburg = jew. See note about Orwell in the item immediately above.
    • Animal Farm, by George Orwell, published in 1945.
    • WHO WE ARE, by William Luther Pierce. Good because it is history by race. Here is the core of my review of the book posted on my former WhitesWillWin website:
      “Have you ever read history from the point of view of race rather than country? I never had until I found William Pierce’s great work of history titled ‘Who We Are’. Finally, I allowed myself to read and learn about the ‘taboo subject’ of race. Though it is a long scholarly read (containing many unfamiliar terms referring to sub-species, tribes, and leaders from history), and though the images have been lost, ‘Who We Are’ is the most educational and inspiring history book I have ever read. (I read it twice, the first time skeptically, the second time eagerly.) In this book, Pierce pulled few punches. Some passages include Pierce’s harsh but learned, enlightening opinions. After you read it, you will know why the jew-controlled media and education system will not teach us the truth about race history. The truth wakes us up to the incomparable accomplishments of our White race.”
    • Zion’s Trojan Horse, by Senator Jack Tenney. 1954. Very good, but laced with belief in the form of christ-insanity.
    • Passing of the Great Race, by Madison Grant. 1916. I took notes as I read this book (as I did with many of the books listed here). The main part of my conclusion is this: “Finished, 4 Nov. 2014. This is an excellent book for readers who don’t yet know what ‘race’ really is. And this is a good book for readers who already know what ‘race’ really is but want to compare this information with previously acquired information from other great sources of the same era, such as Carleton Coon’s books. Coon’s works were more recent, more detailed, differed in some conclusions, but were influenced by jew input, which is clearly shown in credits and acknowledgments in his books. Better and more recent, thus more thoroughly informed works, are by William Pierce with his book ‘Who We Are’ and by Richard D. Fuerle with his ‘Erectus Walks Amongst Us’. Despite this being a useful book, Madison Grant’s descriptions and explanations lack the necessity of including the jew in the causes. This is despite Grant’s early mention of the jew, specifically the short parasitic ‘Polish Jew.'”
    • ERECTUS WALKS AMONGST US, by Richard D. Fuerle. 2008. This book really hit home with me. Fuerle blows away the jew lie of all humans being “out of Africa.” I was born and partly raised on the north side of Detroit. This book includes shockingly true photos and descriptions of what “Erectus” — the blackfricans, wrongly on this continent — did by their nature to Detroit. Furthermore, Fuerle provides ample evidence in his step-by-step guide through evolution. Skeletons, DNA, genes, and alleles tell us our origins. Caution: Fuerle’s use of the terms “race” and “ethnicity” is not strictly accurate enough to suit me, and likewise on jewry. Get the free pdf file of “ERECTUS” on my BOOKS+ Page.
    • General History of the Burr Family, by Charles Burr Todd. 1878. From this great source and others, I concluded that Aaron Burr, a general under GWashington, and first vice president (very much unwanted) to Thomas Jefferson, was a jew.
    • Beseiged Patriot, by Gerald LK Smith. Good vs jews. The book is, of course, laced with the mind-poison of christ-insanity, as GLK Smith was a very famous speaker-preacher who filled baseball stadiums with sheep eager to see and hear him. Smith well describes being with his friend Huey Long when Long was shot by jew Karl Weiss. Huey Long was a successful populist politician who was running against the re-(s)election of heinous jew president Franklin Roosevelt when jewry assassinated Long to end his threat to the jew reign of evil.
    • Iron Curtain Over America, by Col. John Owen Beaty. 1951. Good. Extensive list of jew scum in the Franklin Roosevelt administration, and much more. But the book also features the mind-poison of christ-insanity, as if that superstition would help rather than hinder Whites rise up against the enemy jews.
    • Lincoln and the Jews, by a jew Isaac Markens, 1909. Pro-jew propaganda. The “Lincoln” is president Abraham Lincoln. Eustace Mullins, citing a jew familial connection, said Lincoln was a jew. I think that’s right. This book’s only merit is as a treasure of names of jews.
    • No Place for Corruption, by Art Larson. Much info vs jews.
    • Norse Mythology, by R.B. Anderson. 1879. Chapter One is off-putting for its christ-insanity, but the book gets good and useful later.
    • 200 Years Together: Russo-Jewish History, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Praised by David Duke, the longest running famous piece of controlled opposition in the USA, the book is propaganda, anti-German, pro-“good jews.”
    • History: Fiction or Science? by Anatoly Fomenko, 2003. See next item.
    • Zodiacs: Timeline of Egypt Cut in Stone, by Anatoly Fomenko and others. 2005. Both Fomenko books are very interesting. Some of the knowledge much appreciated. His conclusions turn historical chronology upside-down, inside-out, and destroy much of it: impossible for me to decisively agree or disagree. However, in one of his books I re-read early this year (2021), he made a few incorrect statements about USA history. This forced me to be more critical of his claims overall, and I conclude that his claims are far too sweeping to be correct. That said, I do appreciate his knowledge on the reality of true zodiacs and the historical information zodiacs contain. (This has nothing to do with newspaper horoscope garbage.)
    • Wisdom of the Ancients, by Francis Bacon. 1625. This edition 1884. NO wisdom offered. Only pretense, and self-aggrandizement. The famous, historical Francis Bacon was a very productive, top-level writer serving the jew agenda. Rosicrucian (secret society, not a good thing). Employed by King James to produce a “modern” version of the Bible, known since as the popular “King James Version.” Also, I agree with Mark Twain (though crypto-jew Samuel Langhorne Clemens) that Bacon was the real Shakespeare. The ignorant actor Shaksper (spelling varies) could not have been the writer of the extremely knowledgeable plays attacking royal rulers as corrupt and perverted, thus paving the way for Cromwell’s jew-serving revolution. Thus, I state here, as I did several years ago on my WhitesWillWin site, my conclusion that Bacon, too, was a crypto-jew.
    • Christianity and the Survival of the West, by Revilo Oliver. 1973. Everything by Prof. Oliver is recommended reading.
    • Descent of Man, volumes 1 and 2, by Charles Darwin. 1871. Through study of reality — Nature — Darwin certainly got closer to the truth than the christ-insanity version — where a heinous, murderous “Supreme Being” made humans to play out “God’s Plan” of hell on Earth for all nice people and heaven on Earth for the vicious, lying, parastic, pedophilic, murderous jews.
    • On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life, by Charles Darwin. 1859. See item immediately above.
    • Golden Book of Chemistry
    • History of [by] Herodotus, Volume 1. 1858. this edition 1948.
    • History of [by] Herodotus, Volume 2. 1858. 1948. At the time I read these two volumes, my main interest was to get his info related to the Great Pyramids. It was helpful in that regard. My notes on these volumes runs nine pages, quite interesting (as are my notes while reading many of these books listed here). From p.178 of Vol. 2, I noted a passage by Herodotus that he wrote in self-defense, inserted amid tales he related, little of which he believed: “For myself, my duty is to report all that is said; but I am not obliged to believe it all alike—a remark which may be understood to apply to my whole History.” My overall conclusion was this: “This book was written by an intelligent man who suffered some nonsensical thinking, and it was translated and edited by at least one pro-jew man and at least one man suffering Christ-insanity. Herodotus did not write ‘Jew,’ but the books are littered with injections — into footnotes only — of jew pebbles, mostly not really germane. I noted them all.” Thus, the ancient Herodotus writings have been corrupted by pro-jew crap — which is not uncommon for old books made available to us now. Must always be on guard.
    • Is Shakespeare Dead? by Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens), from his Autobiography. Despite being a jew (as only I have unveiled), Twain/Clemens was truly interested in the true identity of the famous William Shakespeare and wanted to be credited with the identification of him as Francis Bacon. I agree. (Do a “find” or “search” on this page for “Bacon” to read my important passage about what else I know about Bacon, which is above.)
    • Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich, by Ingrid Weckert. 2004.
    • Kill or Get Killed, by the U.S. Marine Corps. 1976.
    • OUR INHERITANCE IN THE GREAT PYRAMID, by Piazzi Smyth. 1874. Admirable, important work. A personal favorite. This is an important, historical book on understanding the great scientific knowledge built-in the design and construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt. Astronomer Royal for Scotland from 1846 to 1888, Piazzi Smyth studied the history of The Great Pyramid, visited the pyramid, made extensive measurements, compared his results with others’, and published the knowledge for all. This is another White scientist’s honest and historic contribution to our White Foundational Knowledge System. The one I read: .
    • Overstanding Strawmen, a collection by a few authors, compiled, re-edited.
    • Talmud Unmasked, by I.B. Pranaitis. 1892. Very important, as are more recent works that expose the jews’ Talmud. I say it clearly and succinctly: The Talmud is the jews’ racial rulebook. It is so vile, some humans find it hard to accept it as a true and revered book by and of the jews. Nonetheless, it is.
    • Our Nordic Race, by R.K. Hoskins. 1958-1975. Contains a bad part on “good” jews. Weak on solution.
    • Triumph of Reason: The Thinking Man’s Hitler. A compilation by Michael Walsh. 2002.
    • World in False-Face, by Revilo Oliver. 1986. Excellent.
    • Witness to History, a compilation by Michael Walsh.
    • Anthropology, by Paul Topinard. 1878. (As I recall, a major idea he proffers is that all humans seem to have come from two races: Whites and blackfricans, and mixed from there to make what we have now.)
    • Growth and Decline of the Cuban Republic, by Fulgencio Batista. 1964. Batista was president of Cuba, overthrown in 1959 by Communist Fidel Castro et al.
    • My Life and Work, by Henry Ford. 1923. Very good and interesting autobiography. Only one chapter talks about the jews, and that chapter is why jews steal this book out of all libraries. I, personally, have been in a lot of libraries in several states, and I have checked for Henry Ford’s two books (this one and the International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem listed above) plus Eustace Mullins books, none of which has been found. Only by pdf files have we Whites kept these truth books alive.
    • Myth of German Villainy, by Benton L. Bradberry. 2012. Very good defense of our most-admirable German subrace — the only nation of our White race in modern history to heroically force jewry into abeyance, and for their historic service were horrifically destroyed by White DUPES around the world unknowingly in direct service of jewry.
    • Original Mr. Jacobs, by TT Timayensis. 1888. Very good. In the final few paragraphs of the book, there is this: “Let all her [America’s] voters, irrespective of party, be imbued with one thought: Not to permit a candidate known to have one drop of Jewish blood in his veins to be nominated, much less to be elected to any political office, even the lowest. Nothing could be more absurd than the opinion one sometimes hears expressed, that the Jews among us are peacefully disposed; that when they quit Europe for America, they leave their prejudices behind, and try to adopt our American ideas. The Jew never rids himself of his venom. A serpent is a serpent, whether in the old world or in the new. We have in this book pictured the Jew as he is, has been, and always will be.” So right. The book concludes by saying there was to be a sequel titled, “The American Jew,” full of specifics and naming names. But I have yet to find it.
    • HITLER’S TABLE TALK, 1941-1944. Published 1953. Great book. My judgment is that it is legit. It comprises notes and quotes written down by aides of Adolf Hitler as he spoke in otherwise private conversations with officials and friends invited to dine with the Fuhrer. This is a very important book to widen and deepen understanding of Mr. Hitler’s intellect and personality beyond what is provided by the other great books — his own Mein Kampf and Dietrich Eckart’s book of conversations Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin. Furthermore, this book and the next (“Bolshevism…”) show to us who read with eyes open and brain engaged that the mature Adolf Hitler was, admirably, not a Christian nor dupe of any other religion.
    • BOLSHEVISM FROM MOSES TO LENIN: DIALOGUE BETWEEN ADOLF HITLER AND ME. 1924. Brief. Fun. Important. See item immediately above.
    • Hitler’s Secret Backers, by the fake “Sydney Warburg”. It’s a jew lie book of absurd claims, obvious lies. Here is a link to my 2011 article on it: .
    • Carolyn Yeager’s Auschwitz pamphlet/book.
    • Programme of the NSDAP, 24 February 1920. The 25 Points of the NSDAP Program, composed by Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler.
    • James Madison’s Notes During the Constitutional Convention. This book was put out as damage control after the great, historic, truth book by John Lansing, Robert Yates, and Luther Martin blew the lid off the Secret Proceedings Of The Convention in Philadelphia of 1787. After reading each book twice, along with the speeches of Patrick Henry and others against the adoption of the CONstitution, I firmly concluded that Madison was the liar, that Madison and his fellow crypto-jews slyly overthrew the government of the United States of America under the Articles Of Confederation. A monumental jew crime. (See my historic article on this: .) Also, see next item.
    • SECRET PROCEEDINGS OF THE CONVENTION ASSEMBLED AT PHILADELPHIA IN THE YEAR 1787 FOR THE PURPOSE OF FORMING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 1821. By John Lansing, Robert Yates, and Luther Martin. One of the most important books a White American could ever read, knowing that it is the truth. That is why jewry has stolen this book from libraries and suppressed knowledge of its very existence. It does not identify jews. But from my research, and from how they deceitfully worked in concert, it is clear that James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Gouveneur Morris were the kingpin crypto-jews of this historic jew crime. See item immediately above.
    • Pyramids Around the World and Lost Pyramids of Bosnia, by Dr. Sam Osmanagich. “Dr. Sam” does not say it, but I sure do: Judging by historical performance of all the races on this planet, only Whites could have built the original fantastic network of pyramids around the world.
    • Germany Must Perish! by Theodore Kaufman. 1941. Heinous book by the jew Kaufman, praised and promoted by major jewsmedia such as the New York Times (owned by jews since 1896). The book openly promoted the extermination of the German population of Germany and the world.
    • Haym Salomon, The Patriot Broker Of The Revolution: His Real Achievements And Their Exaggeration. By Max J. Kohler. 1931. Though not entirely trustworthy, this book (likely written by a jew) and other sources helped me piece together the truth that Salomon was a scum jew fraud, NOT an important source of funds for the American Revolution. Many jews, of course, spew his praises and claim he was essential to the revolution and certain famous persons involved.
    • The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, by Manly P. Hall. 1928. What an absurd claim for a man in his mid 20s. I did a full exposé on this crypto-jew on my former WhitesWillWin site. As for this book, I read the whole giant thing, waiting and waiting for “secret teachings.” Still waiting. One of Hall’s crimes was falsely inserting jews into our history where they didn’t, and don’t, belong.
    • This Time The World. By George Lincoln Rockwell. 1961.
    • WHITE POWER. By George Lincoln Rockwell. 1966. A great book of important knowledge about us Whites, the enemy jews, and strategy. In 1967, jewry assassinated this maturing White leader. Nobody took up where he left off.
    • Destroy the Accuser, by Frederick Seelig. 1967. Includes commentary by Revilo Oliver in support of the author. Probably the first of its kind: exposé on homo power within the U.S. (in)justice system and the forced committing of White truthtellers into insane asylums! From the author’s direct experience of such atrocity.
    • Treason in Washington Exposed by Senator McCarthy. A speech by McCarthy, 1950. My notes are extensive in response to this book. It smelled like a sham to me — McCarthy always saying “Communists,” never jews. It all seemed deliberately weak, and that was my conclusion. And then I read Eustace Mullins’ book “My Life In Christ,” which is sickening in its mind-poison aspects but informative in other matters. Mullins said McCarthy was quickly compromised by jewry, and McCarthy knew it and submitted to it. AND that is WHY McCarthy took on the jew sidekicks Cohn and the other one, Fisher/Fischer. It WAS a sham on tv, etc. And I watched the videos of the televised hearings, including the infamous scene of the jew Welch asking McCarthy: “Have you no shame?” And McCarthy mumble-bumbled a response instead of attacking the jew, the true shameless one. Oh, I have much more to say on this one! But this is not to be an article.
    • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Of course, the elders of zion were, and are, all jews. Here (linked) is an excellent introduction to and presentation of the Protocols. Jews continue to spew lies to sow doubt about the authenticity of the Protocols. They are authentic, as the following great book explains while exposing the jews’ manipulation of an actual court trial on this very question:
    • Jewish World Conspiracy: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion before the Court in Berne, by Karl Bergmeister. 1938. This great book explains that the Protocols of the jews are authentic while it exposes the jews’ manipulation of an actual court trial on this very question. I consider it proof.
    • The Races of Europe, by Carleton Coon. 1939. A full investigation of physical racial differences back when honest science on race could be published and celebrated. This was the first book of its kind that I read. I brought to it my already weighty knowledge of jewry, and I realized by Coon’s own acknowledgments that he had accepted and incorporated some information from jews, thus partially undermining his work — otherwise great work. After that, I read at least one other of his books, likely Living Races of Man (1965). Important in my education on the races, skulls, etc.
    • Race and Reason, by Carleton Putnam. 1961. Also Race and Reality, by Carleton Putnam. 1967. As I recall, these are much more reader-friendly books than those of Carleton Coon from previous decades. Also, these works compared the different cultures made by the different races of most interest to us in the United States and other White-founded White-built countries — incompatible cultures. But Putnam wrongly said jewry is not a race! And he was somewhat C-insane. And he believed jewlies about Adolf Hitler. Lame.
    • Which Way Western Man? by William Simpson. 1978. Although a few chapters of this reader-friendly book are wasted (in my opinion) on Simpson’s struggle with Jesus and Nietsche, other chapters are superb in describing race differences — physically, chemically, and mentally — and in nailing down the plight of the White race.
    • Planet-X, Comets, and Earth Changes. By James M. McCanney. Learn about NASA’s lies and, instead, what comets really are. Thus, we learn how our Solar System really works. And “planet-x” objects. And massive Earth changes of past and future. This is real knowledge, based on real physics, not mathematical fantasies. This is the first of scientist McCanney’s important series of books. NOTE: If you want to buy McCanney books, go to his website and do so: . If you want some of them for free, do a search for the title with “pdf” in the search. Save the ones you find to your computer. Important: See the following note.
    • Caution on McCanney: His core scientific work is brilliant, as contained in the book above and the books below. However, in other areas, he pretends his mere beliefs are scientific fact, too. What a shame. He is infected with a form of christ-insanity, which opens him to belief in such absurdities as his precious Kolbrin and “spiritual” nonsense.
    • Surviving Planet-X Passage. By James M. McCanney. The biggest comets are planets-in-the-making. They don’t have to hit the Earth to cause huge upheavals. They only have to come close. Some humans survived such catastrophes before. And we expect some will survive the next one, too.
    • Atlantis to Tesla — The Kolbrin Connection. By James M. McCanney. Another important and exciting science book written for everybody. The all-Irish McCanney has a theory about Atlantis likely quite different than those you’ve heard before. Logical, too. But his preaching of “The Kolbrin” is, in my opinion, a mistake. I say the jews duped him with this bible-like book.
    • Principia Meteorologia — The Physics of Sun and Earth Weather. By James M. McCanney. This is, in my opinion, the most valuable book by independent scientist McCanney. Practical, useful knowledge. Understanding of what really causes weather in all its variety on planet Earth. If you get only one McCanney book, get this one. If you get only two, get this one and the first one.
    • Comets. A small book, an update on what comets really are, and an expose on the layers of liars in the government and media, plus the top level — the TierOne scientists who are all under nondisclosure contracts and whose names are never mentioned in public media. (No, he does not name them.)
    • Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit. By James M. McCanney. This is a followup to his book “Calculating Primes” (which I have not read). Standard security codes on the Internet and elsewhere have been based on huge prime numbers. Now, because of McCanney’s breaking of the mysteries of prime numbers, he says anyone can use his technique to discover the correct primes and break those security codes. Not practical for me, but maybe for someone more techy than I am?
    • McCanney Wing Generator. By James M. McCanney. Wind power for the masses. New, practical, efficient design. Not those stupid monstrous 3-blade failures marring the land- and seascapes. Naturally, the Powers That Be oppose this.
    • Nazca and Palpa Lines of Peru. By James M. McCanney. I know only two scientists/authors who have offered explanations of the purpose of the vast and fabulous graphic shapes and animal figures on the mountain plateaus of Peru. First, Martin Doutre, and his brilliant discourses on not only Nazca but also the Great Pyramids and other megalithic structures around the world. Second, James McCanney. His discovery is different and complementary to Doutre’s work. McCanney finds that the figures, lined with electricity-conducting stones, are fractal antennas. Wow. I love it. The book is poorly written, but its core claims are impressive.
    • Martin Doutre’s website as mentioned in the item immediately above, is the equivalent of a series of books. Doutre shares his unique knowledge of history — and about jews — as he goes into extensive detail about the vast and amazing knowledge encoded in the geometry of the Great Pyramids and Sphynx, ancient temples and other megalithic monument sites in the USA, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, and in very many more locations around the world. He concludes that many of these sites were used as schools for sea navigation. Mr. Doutre’s work is unique and astonishing. Be sure to see his articles on the Nazca Lines and figures of Peru.
    • Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel, by Ignatius Donnelly. 1883. Great book of knowledge by this admirable White man who was lieutenant governor of Minnesota. The evidence proves that the Earth and humans have undergone total devestations — cataclysms, catastrophes — multiple times. And the survivors had no choice but to start, again, from scratch. Also, Donnelly shows that White scientists’ knowledge of comets was advancing nicely despite having none of our modern technology with which to analyze comets and other heavenly bodies. Donnelly was, however, held back by his belief — in his case thinking the Bible a useful history.
    • Essay on the Theory of the Earth, by Georges Cuvier. 1827. A great White natural scientist, Cuvier wrote in French. The title of his original book translates into English as “Revolutions of the Earth,” where “revolutions” means “physical, cataclysmic reformations.” This important book is cited and quoted by Ignatius Donnelly in his “Ragnarok” book that came several decades later. The evidence from Europe and around the world amassed by Cuvier proved — 200 years ago — that land-wrenching catastrophes and deluges did happen.
    • Worlds In Collision, by jew Immanuel Velikovsky. 1950. Also, I read this jew’s books “Ages in Chaos” and “Earth In Upheaval.” The jewsmedia made Velikovsky a sensation (I saw him on the “Donahue” jewtv show in the 1970s), making him famous and wealthy, while at the same time jewry’s scientific gatekeepers/liars — jew Carl Sagan and crew — made Velikovsky’s works a dividing line between scientific truth and fiction, with Velikovsky on the “wrong” side. Similar to the way the jews made their jew Albert Einstein glow so false brightly as to conceal and suppress previous and current true White science in physics and electricity, the jews used Velikovsky as a black light to falsely discredit true White science on the physical and electrical nature of the Solar System. Though I praise our current White scientist James McCanney for his historic works, I strongly criticize him for his ongoing state of dupidity (duped stupidity) in which he praises and defends both Einstein and Velikovsky. Both jews served their race in partially destroying and otherwise retarding the memory, maintenance, and progress of honest and true White science. We did NOT need Velikovsky, as proved by the progress made in the 1800s by our greats Georges Cuvier, Ignatius Donnelly, and many more.
    • Nikola Tesla, works, circa 1890 to 1940. No, not a book. But I think it appropriate to follow an item talking about destructive jew Einstein with one of the greatest White scientists whose life and work was smothered by the enemy jew pseudoscience of Einstein and the jews of “quantum” fantasies. I have read through many of Tesla’s patents, and his available speeches put to print, and his submissions to journals and magazines (a popular one was Century magazine). Also, I have listened to several and long discourses on Tesla by the two great White American scientists who understand Tesla’s works: James McCanney and Eric P. Dollard. All of this is required to separate the real White genius Nikola Tesla from the versions of him evil jewry has put in people’s minds. And along came crypto-jew Elon Musk, a pedophile exposed by victim Maria Farmer, to wrongly claim ownership of the Tesla name and cash-in on the enduring value of Nikola Tesla’s name and legacy. Let me list just a few items of import. The real Tesla, working upon the shoulders of great Whites who came before, invented alternating current (AC, used today), radio (no, not the crypto-jew Marconi), electrical remote control, and controlled transmission of electrical power through the air and through the ground.
    • Eric P. Dollard, not a book, but he sells books I have not read. Dollard is a current independent White scientist, genius in all matters electrical. His website offers video lectures better than books, for free, and I have watched them all. Also, audio recordings of his open Q&A sessions by phone. I have listened to them all. Plus, there is a Youtube (jewtube) channel by Aaron Murakami (a Japanese-White? hybrid, huckster, suspected crypto-jew) who Dollard has partnered with, and the channel has many Dollard videos, all of which I have viewed. Also, some old videos and audios can be found scattered elsewhere on the Internet. I have watched and listened to as many as I found. Dollard and James McCanney are two, unique, independent White scientific geniuses who are both now (year 2020) near 70 years old. Until last year, neither of these greats had knowledge of the other. That’s another success story for jewry in suppressing open, honest awareness and collaboration of our best White minds in important fields.
    • Hitler’s War, by David Irving. An important book, despite its faults. My first two Irving books were Hitler’s War, and Goebbels: Mastermind Of The Third Reich. At the time, I wrote that the books were quite valuable. Irving exposes — but twists — remarkable information, all the while supporting the basic jew lies about the Holocaust (which is a hoax). Also, Irving constantly repeats the word “Nazi” even in direct quotes translated from German, which is a word Hitler and his government virtually never used. Thus, Irving’s translation of German documents, statements, and diaries is woefully biased. (Irving claims a high fluency in the German language.) Furthermore, Irving includes the jew-created lie that Hitler was part jew. No honest investigator-researcher-truthteller would repeat such a lie unless the person were ignorant. Irving cannot claim ignorance. Also, he makes his anti-German bias clear in those two books by continually calling all of Hitler’s men “henchmen.”
    • Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, by David Irving. Based on Joseph Goebbels’ diary and further extensive research, Irving’s book gives us a good understanding of the man and his mind. Further, thanks to those diary entries, we also gain a wider and deeper understanding of Adolf Hitler.
    • Churchill’s War, Parts One and Two, by David Irving. Not as important as the two Irving books immediately above, but worth the time for we who want a far better grip on the who, what, and why of that era — a far better grip than the enemy and the ignorant spewing their vile versions of history.
    • The Secret Diaries of Hitler’s Doctor, by David Irving. Despite careful protests from Adolf Hitler’s true White doctors and a couple officials, Hitler kept as his favorite doctor Theo Morell. I say Morell was a crypto-jew. In this book, we learn of Morell’s concoctions to supposedly nourish and invigorate the wounded, vegetarian Hitler. I say those concoctions were deliberately poisoning the fuhrer. The sad reality is that Hitler had no awareness of crypto-jews.
    • Other books by David Irving I have read, twice: the Erhard Milch biography, the Erwin Rommel biography, the Hermann Goring biography, and the Rudolf Hess biography. The more we know, the less we like Irving’s books. Why? Because we become able to recognize his lies, his protectionism for jews, his anti-German bias, his demonizing of Adolf Hitler and all Hitler’s top level appointees in the NSDAP and government. However, thus armed, we can discern much good from the bad. The good includes a complex chronology of events and key people involved.
    • I have put some of the Irving books as pdf files on my account and on this, my own website. The purpose is to provide my fellow Whites with the free books and with my comments attached. It’s almost like reading the books together! Click to my BOOKS+ page and get them as free pdf files. Enjoy.
    • Autobiography of Thomas Jefferson. 1821. Great White man. Great president. His autobio: Too Brief. Does not cover his presidency at all. His misunderstanding of the French Revolution (actually another jew revolution) is part of what shows us that he knew nothing of crypto-jews. Likewise, the other true White Founding Fathers of the USA.
    • Diary of James K. Polk: During His Presidency 1845-1849. Very good. Important. Honest. He actually allowed visits into his office by unknown members of the public most days. Many of them were incessant jobseekers — likely jews — and Polk gets funny in expressing how sickening they were. His diary is very meaty. His Cabinet meetings. Intrigues among the Cabinet members and with Congress. The diary shows the strong White Polk to have been a very good president on domestic matters, carrying on the principles of the great President Andrew Jackson. But Polk was a poor Commander In Chief of the military, making a mess of the war with Mexico.
    • Autobiography of Martin Van Buren. 1920. Compared to Polk’s honest, straightforward, matter-of-fact diary, this book by Van Buren reads as an overload of verbiage in defense of himself through intrigue after intrigue, an activity in which he seems to have been a master. Thus, I must have some suspicion about him. The high importance of the book is the reports from the positions of Vice President and Secretary Of State both under the great President Andrew Jackson. And that’s where the book ends, with Van Buren giving us nothing of his term as president. He was angry about having been denied a chance at a second term by the other leaders of the party. While reading this book and President Polk’s diary, with my knowledge of jewry, it became clear to me that the other party (beginning as the Federalists against Jefferson and morphing from one name to another over time) was THE party of the jews. And over the decades, the jews infiltrated and eroded the party Jefferson had built. In my notes as I read these books, I recorded my conclusions on some “illustrious names” as crypto-jews. Two of them: the infamous pair Henry Clay and John Calhoun.
    • The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, by jew Christopher Jon Bjerknes. 2006. The pdf file was 2,826 pages long! Good book, though hugely repetitive, it really proved its case of jew Albert Einstein as scientific fraud. But this book gave Bjerknes his “in” to our White anti-jew movement where he spews his lies against Adolf Hitler and 1933-45 Germany. That’s jew Bjerknes’ jew job. Whites should never give him time nor space. But Adam Green (Know More News) does. Clue.
    • Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, by Julian Jaynes. 1976. It was probably in the 1980s when I came upon this book. I loved it. Now, with knowledge that humans repeatedly reached heights of civilization, got wiped out by global catastrophes, and survivors started again from scratch, the idea of the book cannot apply except perhaps to the very first rise of humans. However, because of this book, I came up with a fun label for religious believers: “bicamerals.”
    • Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, by Edward O. Wilson. 1998. I owned a paperback copy of this book. It hit home with me because I had long been bothered by the disjointed, compartmentalized way I was taught subjects in high school and universities. I didn’t know, yet, while ignorant of jewry, that it was all deliberate. Wilson, if he was White, apparently did not know that either. But he very well argued for what was right. Nature’s processes are interwoven, and that’s how we should teach and learn them.
    • Secrets of the Federal Reserve: The London Connection, by Eustace Mullins. Let me first say, at the top of this partial list of Mullins’ books, that he was right about very nearly everything. A great White researcher-writer, and speaker. But he got some things wrong about Adolf Hitler. Yet, Mullins qualifies as great. Read up. Mullins died in vain, a witness to only our continued decline, waiting for our resurgence, our comeback. It is not enough to be right. We must fight. And by that, I mean kill. First published in the 1950s, this book was the result of the imprisoned Ezra Pound lighting the fire in Mullins to pursue the subject. At the time, Mullins worked in the Library Of Congress and had access to fabulous documents. This book doesn’t contain the word “jew”, but it otherwise totally exposed the Federal Reserve as a private corporation and who owned, and owns, it. A historic book of high importance, though it followed by four decades the book by Alfred Owen Crozier that correctly said in 1912 what the Federal Reserve would be.
    • THE WORLD ORDER, by Eustace Mullins. 1984. Notice that the title is not The “New” World Order. As Mullins said, this heinous jew agenda was not new. This book names the jew, and covers the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, FDR, CIA, and much more. Mullins provides massive proof, names the names, provides the dates, and sums up the monstrous reality we face.
    • Murder By Injection, by Eustace Mullins. 1988. The medical system, who controls it, and what they’re doing to us. Also, farming and food.
    • Rape of Justice, by Eustace Mullins. 1989. This book takes the reader through the history of the Rothschild-jew network’s undermining of the U.S. Constitution by creating unconstitutional layers of legal systems that our courts treasonously follow. Also, this book offers Mullins’ accounts of his many court cases and his advice for us. The book is spiced by shocking info related to J. Edgar Hoover, Charles Lindbergh, and other famous names.
    • Secret History of the Atomic Bomb, by Eustace Mullins. 1998. Most readers will find Mullins’ information shocking about such famous people as Albert Einstein, a jew, and the general and President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, a jew (crypto-jew, or secret jew). Likewise, awesome facts expose the Manhattan Project and the Cold War.
    • THE BIOLOGICAL JEW, by Eustace Mullins. 1967. (Just a reminder. This book is already listed near the very top of this list.)
    • Ein Anderer Hitler, “Battle of the Architects,” by Hermann Giesler. This man was an architect who worked with Adolf Hitler and became a valuable confidant. This portion of his memoir is very revealing about Hitler’s personality, expertise, knowledge, and reverence for history, and his candid opinions on people such as Winston Churchill. Thanks to Carolyn Yeager for this and related great written works still available free on her website . (Relish her documents. Avoid her poor speaking and opinions — still, in 2020, a Trumptard.)
    • The Talmud — the jews’ racial rulebook. Evil jewry’s racial rulebook is huge and not in English. Parts of it have been translated and provided to us by highly admirable Whites. One of these sources is . When we tell our fellow Whites about this, the Whites ignorant of jewry, they react in horror and refuse to accept our accurate reports as true. So, read some it for yourselves, everybody. Grasp the reality of the evil of jewry, united jewry, for many, many centuries already, and counting.
    • Highly Important Collection of Autograph Letters and Historical Documents Gathered by the Late Joshua I. Cohen, M.D. 1907. “Highly Important,” so says the jew Cohen and his auctioneers. This is a catalog of documents the jew’s estate/heirs put up for sale. Some items the jew held were by George Washington (who only I identify as a crypto-jew), some signers of the Declaration of Independence, some members of the Continental Congress, etc. Of course, jews have always been notorious for stealing letters, documents, books, and art from government storage, libraries, etc. I read this in May 2020, and took notes. I found only a few items “highly important,” and “a few” means “three or four.” More important to me were the many citations of more crypto-jews and their inter-connections in the 1700s previously unknown to me.
    • Autobiography of Mark Twain. Owned, assembled, edited, and footnoted by jews. Volume 1 pub. 2010. Volume 2, 2013. I see a Volume 3 became available in 2015. I read the first two volumes — available free as pdf files — including every fine-print footnote and endnote. And I took notes, myself. The books: Entertaining? Yes. Proves Samuel Langhorne Clemens was a liar? Yes. He says he is a jew? No. The gleaned evidence proves he was a jew? I’ll say, not quite. But combined with other hard evidence, as presented by me in my historic article (listed and linked near the top of this page), the books firmly support my conclusion that he was a jew.
    • Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Assembled, edited, and footnoted by Gary Moulton, University of Nebraska. This historic, monumental set of books raised me from being very knowledgeable on Meriwether Lewis and on the Expedition to being expert. I bought for $550 the original set of about 10 volumes that was available then, 1997. I took notes and proved that jew-glorified author Stephen Ambrose was a liar. Ambrose was selling the jews’ story that Meriwether Lewis was mentally unbalanced and later committed suicide — all lies. My research, plus my work for the famous forensic scientist James E. Starrs, showed that the great Lewis was murdered, assassinated.
    • Frederick Bates, Life And Papers Of. 1926. When Meriwether Lewis began his term as governor of the new Missouri Territory (after his return from the Expedition and after serving President Thomas Jefferson), this Frederick Bates was already there, a leftover from the traitor Gen. James Wilkinson’s corrupt administration in St. Louis. Bates was secretary of the administration, and he was a semi-secret enemy of Meriwether Lewis. Bates was very likely a crypto-jew, protector of the jews’ network of corruption that extended, and extends, to every point of White-established civilization. This “Volume I” ends in May 1808, more than a year before Meriwether Lewis left for DC and was murdered in Tennessee. I did not find the mentioned Volume 2.
    • Meriwether Lewis: A Historic Crime Scene Investigation, by Kira Gale with James E. Starrs. 2009. This book came a decade after my work with James Starrs. I obtained, for free, a copy of this book online after I already became aware of enemy jewry. I accepted some of the book’s documented facts to further flesh-out my long-established outline on the assassination of Meriwether Lewis.
    • Meriwether Lewis: The Assassination of an American Hero and the Silver Mines of Mexico, by Kira Gale. 2015. I was able to painstakingly access much of this book online a passage at a time, free of course. It served to support my own work.
    • The Unknown Travels and Dubious Pursuits of William Clark, by Jo Ann Trogdon. 2015. Another book that I painstakingly obtained many passages from online, for free. If true, and it seems so, well documented, it unveils Clark’s trading, perhaps illegal, from Kentucky to Spanish New Orleans some years before his friend Meriwether Lewis tapped him to join the Expedition to the Pacific Ocean.
    • History of the Theories on the Aether and Electricity, From the Age of Descartes to the Close of the Nineteenth Century, by Edmund T. Whittaker. 1910. And I read a later edition, published 1951, for comparative purposes and for its take on Einstein and related newer [poisonous jew] ideas. Though both books are very educational, I noted that in both editions there was no mention of Nikola Tesla — proof of distasteful bias. However, an excellent quote I gleaned from the author is this: “It seems absurd to retain the name ‘vacuum’ for an entity so rich in physical properties, and the historical word ‘aether’ may fitly be retained.”
    • Analysis of Inoculation: Comprizing the History, Theory, and Practice of It, by J. Kirkpatrick, M.D. 1774. Written by a principal conductor of experimental inoculations in Europe. The focus was on small pox. They would take pus from infected individuals and use it to deliberately infect volunteers, such as by putting the pus on a scratch. Their reported results were that if the inoculations were done on healthy people (of all ages), the survival rate was much higher than for those afflicted the natural way. (Gee, HEALTHY people survived better than unhealthy people. That is NOT a proof for injections.) At the time I read the book, I was merely skeptical. Now, I reject it. See, below, the book Bechamp Or Pasteur?, published in 1932, for the truth about vaccines known then — they’re poisons.
    • History and Present State of Electricity, with Original Experiments, by Joseph Priestly. Third Edition. Volumes 1 and 2. 1775. Yes, the Priestly who discovered oxygen, which he called “dephlogisticated air.” This is a very important record of White scientific thought (the only kind — but for jew lies, already) in the mid 1700s. Electrical involvement in the auroras, falling stars, rain-snow-sleet, water spouts, and more. Our White scientists were making great progress in understanding the electrical nature of Nature, from the Sun on down to the electric eel. Don’t let the jews nor anyone else tell you otherwise.
    • New Experiments and Observations on Electricity — Made at Philadelphia in America by Benjamin Franklin and Communicated in Several Letters to Peter Collinson of London. Three Parts. Third Edition. 1760. No, not just on lightning. Extensive experimentation was done on which materials could conduct, and hold, electricity. Also, the “generation” of static electricity. And the deliberate discharge of stored electricity. Franklin, about whom I retain serious suspicion, was one among many scientists — called “philosophers” then — experimenting with electricity and reporting their results, sharing with each other across the Atlantic Ocean by letters. Note the year — 1760 — more than a century later would come the greats JJ Thomson, Oliver Heavyside, Nikola Tesla, and the very practical Thomas Edison. And it is unfair to fail to mention the great German Whites of Germany who pioneered and paralleled much of this — Ernst Werner Von Siemens, to name one. All suppressed by jewry.
    • Diary of General George S. Patton Jr., portions stored and accessible on the Library Of Congress site — where they are very poorly organized, which can only be deliberate. I sought and obtained all I could get from late 1943 through 1945. General Patton was murdered in Germany in December 1945. I sought diary entries for the stated period because I wanted to focus on his reports about the war coming to a close, his learning about the jew menace, and his plan of attack against the newly realized enemy. I gained valuable knowledge and insights on all fronts. My song, “Wrong Enemy,” features lyrics that are 90 percent the words of Gen. Patton. Links to the PATTON DIARY material I used on the Library of Congress website:
    • Synagogue of Satan, by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock. This was an important book to me during the expansion of my awareness of jews from “a minority of heinous criminal jews” to “the jew race, the enemy of humanity.” The book is a historical timeline of known jew crimes and other events exposing the reality of jewry’s millenia-long war against us. Yet, among the book’s flaws are its support of the Khazar distraction and its contradictions on Adolf Hitler.
    • Dictionarium of All Religions, Ancient and Modern. Published 1704. As much as I dislike reading about religions, I enjoyed the christ-insane author(s) frank criticisms of the competing mind-poisons. Some notable info I gleaned from this 300-year-old book follows. A large number of jews in China, circa 1700. Mohammed, supposed founder of Islam: his mother was a jew. Saturn was father of Jupiter; nothing negative about Saturn. (Supposedly) Moses born 808 years after The Flood. The description of the jews’ Talmud definitely backs me in my calling it the jews’ racial rulebook.
    • Spanish and Portuguese Jews in the Caribbean and the Guianas, a Bibliography. By jew Mordechai Arbell, 1999. Useful as a resource of quick reference to claims by jews of where they were, and when, some occupations of them, and names — from the settling of the region in the 1500s, and info up to recent times. Examples: a governor of St. Thomas was a jew, named. The Florida senator Yulee was a jew.
    • History of America, Vol.1. By William Robertson in Scotland. 1787. This is most noteworthy for its bias in favor of Christopher Columbus and open exposure of Spanish barbarity in the New World. The book paints Queen Isabella of Spain as the (gullible?) supporter of Columbus while King Ferdinand disliked Columbus. Update, 2022: A far better book is Isabella Of Spain, by Wm Walsh, 1931, vital for its info on Isabella, Ferdinand, Cristolo Colomo (“Columbus”), and the Queen’s effort against the jew problem. The book is on my BOOKS+ page for free!
    • Journals of Congress. 1776. 1786-87. 1787-88. Official publications of United States Continental Congress. I sought the best info on, particularly, the drafts of the Declaration of Independence, and on the CON of what was later called by the jews the “Constitutional Convention” and movement toward adopting the CON. It would be very interesting though awfully tedious to read all Journals of Congress, which I intend not to do.
    • Béchamp Or Pasteur? By Ethel Douglas Thomson Hume. Published 1923, 1932. Evidence is conclusive: Louis Pasteur was a wrongfully glorified liar, thief, and medical murderer. I say Pasteur was a jew. Pasteur was the “Einstein” of the 1800s, derailing medical science as Einstein later derailed physics and space science. Everything we have been taught to give Pasteur credit for is wrong. His wealthy sponsors were jews. The top pushers of his false glory and fame today are jews. Though I have no direct evidence of Pasteur being a jew, the mountain of evidence surrounding him says so. And jewry continues to cover for him and glorify him to this day. The true great man, the true great scientist in biology and medicine was Antoine Béchamp, and this book’s main purpose was to document Béchamp’s magnificence, which I accept. Even in the late 1800s, Béchamp and others knew and said that Pasteur’s and Jenner’s “vaccines” were poisons. And today, the jews’ vaccines are still poisons. All of them. Read this book for Béchamp’s many great discoveries and declarations, and read it for the proof of Pasteur’s theft and corruption of many of Bechamp’s achievements. Click to my BOOKS+ page and get this book as a free pdf file.
    • THE WORLD HOAX, by Ernest Elmhurst, 1938. I recently re-read this book because it was touted in a comment on, and it deservedly gets all-caps. Very good, very strong, versus jews. The book includes some brief biographies on several famous-name jews. Important view of history, jew methods, jew barbarities. Discussion of heinous FDR, etc. Also, Elmhurst gives a good description of the jew hoax that Stalin “expelled” Trotsky. Remember, this is 1938, so Elmhurst had more knowledge on many important issues and people than we do now, but he lacked info that we have subsequently amassed. The intro of the book may put off some readers, as it did me. But don’t let that stop you from moving on into the meat of the book. One negative, though, is that he was c-insane, thus tainting the book with that.

. . .

That’s enough. I could add more books of all kinds, and videos and websites I have read, absorbed, and critiqued. But this would be an exercise in vanity! There is more than enough material above to prove all my points, to support and validate all my claims. My own book, alone, “WHITE HONOR”, ought be enough for many of my fellow Whites.

The goal is not to busy our people with reading for a decade! The goal is to quickly get our fellow Whites up to speed, inspire our race to action, to kill the enemy of humanity — jewry — once and for all, thus establishing peace and security for our people to achieve happiness again, to produce, reproduce, and prosper.

When do we want it? Now, while we’re still alive. Why? So we can kill our share of the enemies and then shape and enjoy the great White Peace and Prosperity to come!


James T. “Jim” Laffrey