NO SHOW — audience

“NO SHOW.” Number 1. Audience. Where has the White audience gone?

Comparing last year and two years ago to today, the viewership numbers for not only my shows but those of other truthtellers and even half-truthers have fallen dramatically.

In this video, I demonstrate the no-show audience by visiting many other video accounts on several video platforms and running the numbers. Because of time constraints, I showed in this video just a representative sample. Below, see a list of links to accounts of most but not all of the truthers and supposed-truthers.

Nearly all video accounts I have checked fit the pattern.

The main jews pretending to be Whites are getting more views, though.

So, where oh where have our White viewers gone?

  • Are the jews choking off our traffic and directing viewers elsewhere?
  • Are the jews’ lying half-truthers drawing our still partly ignorant Whites away and keeping them?
  • Is our White audience just widely fractionalized across the many platforms offered now, even though all but perhaps one or two of those platforms are covertly anti-White and shadow-banning the Top Truth?
  • Has our White audience gotten burned out on uptake on the awful truth and retreated for various reasons?
  • Even if many older Whites have retreated, there should be younger Whites coming up. Where are they?

If you have any solid answers, and if you know of any pro-White anti-jew platforms with a growing audience, let me know, please. Use email ( or comments on videos.

Don’t be a no-show.

LINKS (actually URLs) to many, not all, of the video accounts I compared. You can highlight any URL and then right-click and go to that site.

List of real truther, half-truther, and pretender truth sites: (stopped 10 months ago)
I have many such examples of accounts not updated in many months. But they got more views then than we get now. (Ed Cassidy) (not good) (NotBergStein) (HistoryReviewed) (Brian Ruhe, freak, likely crypto-jew) (Amazing Polly, crypto-jew) (MattyD 4Truth) (likely crypto-jew self-salesman) (japan race-mixer wrong on Bldg7) (crypto-jew) (Red Ice TV — suspicious) (Anti-jew-King, and Anti-Zionism)

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