Eustace Mullins on killings of Lincoln Garfield McKinley JFK RFK JFKjr

The late great Eustace Mullins — not perfect, but still great.

In this appearance from the 1990s, he apparently had a prior agreement to refrain from saying “jew,” so I have added some necessary subtitles.


  1. Jim, you’ve fantastic videos. So good. Do you have any videos like this on Bill Cooper?? I’m reading Behold a Pale Horse, I also like Jordan Maxwell. I’m learning all I can while I can. Future looks bleak. Thanks in advance.

    • No, I don’t have any vids on Bill Cooper. He was controlled opposition, at best. Maybe worse. I don’t recall anything about Jordan Maxwell. My experience tells me that someone named “Jordan” and “Maxwell” is almost certainly a jew.

  2. Oooh you’re right!! Good point! I often try to discern with names. I specifically remember towards the end of his life, he died last year actually. And I could tell he was wanting to say Jews so badly when referring to the people who had stolen from him and shut his website down, but he refrained from saying the word Jew. And at that time, I knew what he was saying but I was just hoping he wasn’t Jewish. I might look that up. Thank you for pointing that out.

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