SIMPLE (k.i.s.s.) new song lyrics video

A song of advice, of love, of truth. It comes embedded in a simple lyrics video.

“SIMPLE. Keep It Sweet and Simple” is the latest song and video by me, James T. Laffrey, in service of mein volk — my people, my race.

As you hear and read the lyrics, I encourage interpretation on multiple levels.

If you would like to have the song’s audio alone for use in your car or other listening situations and don’t know how to get it from this video, send me a request by email and I’ll send it to you. Note: This offer is for my fellow Whites only.

By the way, the language in this song and video is such that it might survive posting on other platforms, so I encourage you to copy and re-post it wherever you see fit.



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  1. Remember when “k.i.s.s.” meant “keep it short and sweet” or “keep it sweet and simple”? Good, friendly, useful advice. And then it got turned into an insult: “keep it simple, stupid.” Gee, I wonder who turned it negative. I wonder who controls enough media to repeat the negative version so many times that the population of sheeple and dumbAsses adopted it as if it had always been so. Gee, who could that be?

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