Special: 7 On 9/11. Undeniable.

Twenty years. The perpetrators still walk free.

Here are seven points about the infamous, massive, criminal events of September 11, 2001. Seven points in a mere 14 minutes, including both video clips of Larry Silverstein either arrogantly or senilely letting cats out of their bags.

Other images have been added to this stripped-down version of the 18August2021 NINE-ELEVEN video to make this the definitive statement on the Who, What, Why, and the necessary punishment.

PS. Another of my important 9/11 shows has a great article under it, highly recommended: Click9/11 So Simple“.


  1. If bldg 7 was said to be pulled than it had to be wired to do it, how could the fireman do it in that short of period? Was it wired previously? How could that happen? I believe Dr. Judy Woods explanation of how the buildings came down , DEW, Direct Energy Weapons, of some sort. The buildings dissolved they didn’t collapse. Just my thoughts.

    • Thanks for commenting. Because of your good work against the jews’ HoloHOAX, I’ll be kind in my response. I even have to wonder if you’re just playing “devil’s advocate” with your questions and beliefs. I even had to wonder if it’s really you, but you provided extra info that fits, and the I.P. address is from Boston. So, facts strongly suggest that you are the famous Jim Rizoli.

      1. You wrote, about wiring the building, “how could the fireman do it… .” ANSWER: Firemen don’t place the explosives and wire buildings for controlled demolitions. Expert contractors do.
      2. “Was it wired previously?” ANSWER: Of course.
      3. “How could that happen?” ANSWER: jew Larry Silverstein took control of the buildings about six weeks before 9/11, which allows time. If someone wants to claim more time was needed, then I would simply point to jews controlling the NY Port Authority that controlled the building previously. jews control the building, jews control the security as to who can enter the building and when. jews own contractor companies. jews control the CIA, FBI, Homeland Security. jews traffic in arms, children, drugs everyday. It’s very simple for them to truck explosives to a building and plant them and wire them.
      4. Judy Woods is a jew whose role is to DISTRACT from focus on the WHO of it all — JEWRY — and on what must be done to them.
      5. You “believe” in Judy Woods and “believe” in a weapon that cannot be proved to exist. One of my maxims is this: ON THE RAILROAD TRACK OF TRUTH, BELIEF IS THE FIRST STEP OFF THE RAILS. I suggest you stick to proven reality. But this will make you angry and spew insults at me, as I have seen you do on video and heard you do in audio. This is because you are a believer — specifically in the jews’ Son Of HIMself who committed suicide instead of using his magical powers to fix something.
      6. You wrote that the “buildings dissolved”. (Let’s pause and wait for the laughter of all of my regular readers to die down.) Now, what does it mean to “dissolve”? It means to turn from solid to liquid, or to even disappear. So, I wonder why they needed a parade of trucks to carry “liquid or disappeared” steel to the port to ship to China for melting down and recycling (thus criminally destroying physical evidence). And I wonder why they needed a parade of trucks to carry the other “liquid or disappeared” rubble and debris to places such as the FBI-guarded dumping ground (to criminally destroy and/or bury physical evidence).

      That, Mr. Jim Rizoli, is my kind response.

      Again, I thank you for your comment. It is so remarkable, I think I’ll include it in my next video.

  2. Bill Manfredi

    Another great truthful video, thanks

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