MyWhiteSHOW: WEAPONIZE, plus a review of Yellowstone

MyWhiteSHOW Episode Two! “WEAPONIZE.”

Of course, guns. But what else can and should we weaponize in our favor? Everything the jews have weaponized against us, and then some. In this episode’s main segment, I talk about also weaponizing masks, vehicles, 5G, and lasers.

Other segments of the show are:

  • MEMES and
  • TV Critique of the show Yellowstone starring Kevin Costner and a slew of other crypto-jews.

Kill jewTV.

Come join your own side. Join your own team.

Enjoy MyWhiteSHOW on MyWhiteTV.

Make it your WhiteSHOW, too.


  1. Good show. I admit that Yellowstone is a guilty pleasure despite the anti-White propaganda you very well pointed out. I don’t pay jews, either. Like you, I download episodes for free, torrent-style. But I do that at coffeeshops on their wifi because my Internet provider at home threatens to cancel my service if I torrent any more files the jews don’t want to be free. Costner/Paramount stuff is the worst for that, in my experience. I’ve had three warnings, all for Costner/Paramount stuff. And btw I do not want to pay for a VPN. Besides, I don’t really know if a VPN would keep my Internet service provider from knowing what I download. If any one them can, how would we know which it really is, and who to trust? I just won’t do it. I have a question: How do you think the Duttons will defeat the corporation trying to destroy their ranch? I think they’ll have to save it till next season as I don’t see how they bring it to a climax and solve it all in one episode.

    • Thanks for your comment, an enjoyable one. My experiences are like yours, and I agree on all counts.

      I don’t think I know how the Duttons will defeat the evil owners-operators of that corporation. But I do have a very simple solution for them. Do a temporary deed of a big chunk of the land with the Injun chief. Since we know the Injun chief is on board with stopping the corporation, he ought go for it.

      And now, let’s return from that respite to the problem of how to defeat the jews sooner rather than later.

  2. The short version of the results is that we were both right, somewhat. Meanwhile, I was disappointed that the finale went for multi-cliffhangers without any satisfaction. Yeah, quite the anti-White propaganda. But you know, coming online to read and watch info about our White plight also is really just entertainment to me now. I know what I need to know: KILL the Enemy and enemies. The brain needs an occasional break, though. Break options are slim. Hopefully the hot war and open season will break out by next summer. Then, I can guarantee I won’t be watching any more Yellowstone!

    PS. Your comment “Reply” thing doesn’t work. It showed me the box for writing my comment but never gave me the name and email fields, and then clicking “Submit” killed my comment.

    • Thanks again, Gil T.

      On the comment thing: Yeah, this commenting program that came with the website program is poor. It won’t even let us separate paragraphs! I have tested it and seen such a glitch as you have experienced. However, attempting to change it to something better yet still free is not on my to-do list. I hope commenters will learn quickly and just do what works, as you have.

      On truth “entertainment”: Yep. Part of my delay from the last website “WhitesWillWin” to this one was the realization you have expressed as your personal experience — truth “info … is really just entertainment to me now.” What’s the point of doing a website or video channel if our people won’t respond to leadership, won’t take action, but simply watch truth “entertainment” instead of jewsmedia entertainment?

      Well, my DNA won’t let me do nothing online. Briefly, I’ll say that by doing videos I endeavor to reach more younger White men, a necessity. (I also put them on Bitchute/Shitchute, BrandNewTube, and WorldTruthVideos.) And as Mr. Adolf Hitler said, If the messaging isn’t getting the desired results, Change It! I’m working on it.

      You mentioned the hot war we want but as individuals cannot ignite. Remember, if you have abilities and tools to operate covertly, this is the most heroic activity (dare I say the ONLY heroic activity) for now, and we need it. If you already are such a hero, don’t say so here nor anywhere publicly. WhitesWillWin!

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