Shorts: Self-o-Caust

Shorts15: Self-o-Caust. Partial or Full Hoax.

Notice we don’t see the face. We do NOT know who that is, if real. And I say surely not a jew, and surely not the supposed jew Max Azzarello we’ve had given to us by jew sources.

Watch and listen for the facts and reasoning that lead to a firm conclusion.

LINK: Click here to go directly to the video where I got it, including the copy of the “manifesto” and a link to the source of the “manifesto.”

By the way, I mentioned the Israel-Hamas thing. I should have said it is not a “war” but a jew-contrived mass-murder operation.

Also by the way, I have not mentioned the supposed attack by Iran on Israel. Why not? Well, when you know that Iran has a big jew population and has had for a loooonngg time, and most jews there can easily pass as arabs, then we must suspect that crypto-jews run Iran. Other researchers in the last decade have said so and provided persuasive evidence and named names. Furthermore, since when does criminal Israel call openly for war against a country for more than a decade and not get it already? And then why would Iran, a country that never initiated war with any other country in their history (so we’re told), attack Israel which automatically involves the mighty jUSA as part of the retaliation? I don’t have to research it to know it’s another contrivance by jews for jews.


Jim Laffrey

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