The Supremacist. 10. Ploys

For We Who Aspire, We Who Achieve.

The Supremacist Episode10: Ploys the jews use against us

Very interesting, very important, quite detailed. Some of the key names and ideas I name and describe in this show are:

Deliberate half-truthing. Shylock of Shakespeare by crypto-jew Francis Bacon. Miles Mathis, crypto-jew. Khazars/Khazarians. Half-truthing jew doctors duping their way into many Whites’ hearts. Hollywood proof.

Naomi Wolf, Judy Mikovitz, David Icke, Del Bigtree, Dr. Cohen, Dr. Kaufman. Max Igan.

“Death of Germ Theory” taken from good to wrongful extreme.

Virus hoax. Poison vaccines. Stanley Plotkin, jew. Louis Pasteur, jew. Great White French scientist Antoine Bechamp.

The race that is jewry. Israel’s Right of Return for jews born anywhere. The test of jewness is race, not religion.

The latest ploy — lie: “They” “GIVE” us the jews.

Much more.


Jim Laffrey

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