My FOMO For Linux! Prepare for a surprise and then a shock!

Windows versus Linux. If you haven’t researched Linux yet, then I’ve done it for you. Watch and listen and learn, and laugh.

Also, in this show, the intro topic is about my new website statistics program, which is telling me I have triple the number of visitors than what my previous stats program told me. Yes, indeed, suspect the usual suspects.

Finally, in the show, and right here in black and white, I ask for comments or emails from you, dear audience, on knowledge you have about Linux and any of the many related aspects I hit upon in this video. This is important to all of us — as we all are using computers right now, whether as desktops, laptops, or phones.


  1. Thanks for this. I didn’t think a show about Linux would be any fun. Also, I agree about touchpads. I think they CAUSE carpel tunnel syndrome, as does the mouse. You said you have a lot of stuff you “could” do shows on. Would that include one on a new song in the works?

    • I’ll take “Past-Tense Members Of The Police” for $1,000, Alex.

      Thank you for comments and especially the question. I originally got carpel from my work using computers for five or six years at the Nashville Banner daily newspaper. Subsequently, if I’m not very careful, carpel will flare up when using the laptop wrist-rests and if I use a mouse.

      New song. Yes, thank you. It’s extremely rare for anyone to mention my music, so it’s unlikely I’d do a show on the process. But I might mention some things in a show related to music. Anyway, I am working on a new song titled “Going Home.” It uses an asian-sounding guitar riff and “normal rock” chorus music that I wrote when I was living in Japan (2002-3). Some months ago, I realized a way I could use that music in a Truth song. In a nutshell, the song is about realizing that I had no right to demand change in Japan or Vietnam. I only had that right in my home country. Thus, I’m “Going Home.” This of course applies to all the invaders of our White-founded White-built countries, not that they will listen to me. They have NO right to demand any change whatsoever. Believe it or not, the song has a waltz break! Thus far, I’ve recorded the main drums, the main guitar (“asian”) riff, and the bass guitar track. Oh, and a demo vocal to help decide what the accompanying guitar tracks will do. Last will be the real vocals. Progress is slow, whenever I feel the gumption to do a track. Maybe it’ll be done in a month.


      • lol. I had to think about it. Now I have the other two for you. Stewed and Summered.

        Your comment shows that a video on your musical process would be worthy.

        I hope I’m one speaking for many “lurkers” who visit and agree but don’t write comments. Each new song is always a surprise and a treat!

      • I hope you are, too! You’re fun and much appreciated.

  2. Come on, Linux users! There must be some in my audience. Please share experience, thoughts, advice. Not just for me but for our whole audience — the best, Top-Truth-knowing audience on the planet. (No real names needed. No real email addresses needed.)

  3. Slante brother. I use tails. It’s fantastic. You can use it on USB on your windows machine. Take it where you want to. Hope to catch up with you some day.

    • Thank you, especially for commenting about Linux! Yes, I’ve read about Tails before. Upon your suggestion, I just now did some more reading. I’m glad you find it fantastic. For me, too many steps to set it up, not easy enough to use each time, and using it on a Windows machine (I guess) is asking for trouble as the evil Windows-makers (crypto-jew Gates & crew) probably make ongoing modifications to block or corrupt Tails.

      For anyone interested in Tails (which is a Linux Debian-based operating system), here are the two links I just read to brush-up on the subject:

  4. I’ve been using Linux for 5 or 6 years, specifically, Linux Mint with the Cinnamon desktop environment. Mint is branch off from Ubuntu, which is a branch off from Debian. I remember combing through all the different variants and this is what I settled on. Very user friendly, but you still need to learn some Linuxisms. Plus, I was able to configure it more or less like the old Windows version (which I can’t remember the name) that everyone liked. After I learned what not to do, Mint has been very stable and reliable.
    My opinion, you don’t need a specific computer already installed with Linux. When I get a new computer, I don’t allow Windows to boot. I have Mint on a USB and I boot from that. You have to make a simple change in the BIOS to do this. Then I install Mint and over write the entire drive. Bye bye Microsoft. There is definitely a learning curve to tweak the system the way you want it, but it’s fairly easy. Lots of included software. I end up deleting a lot of it and install my favorites. Installing peripherals, like a printer is a snap. In Linux speak, it’s “automagical”. Linux has a very extensive driver library. It will most likely find the driver you need. Much eadier than Windows. I have a very ancient laser printer and I can still use it thanks to a generic Linux laser printer driver. Else said printer would be in the land fill.
    Also, most Linux software can be operated off a USB drive, either as a try-before-you-bye or as a permanent install.

    On Braxman. He is good. Practical advice. If you’re trying to increase browser security, as far as info mining is concerned, see his video about using multiple browsers. Each has its own area of use. He even advocates spoofing data collectors by, for example, clicking on various woke websites and watching their videos. Your profile becomes useless to them.
    Also, look into his VPN service. It’s on full time via wifi. But there are websites, banks for example, that won’t let you connect through a VPN. You can temp bypass it for those cases.
    Firefox browser. I use very few adds on, but I have hardened it considerably by making changes in the configsys. For example, most browsers will report to a website, info you copy. I disabled that. None of their business. I don’t why that feature is included in a browser in the first place, but it says a lot about the browser’s developers.

    My two cents

    • That’s worth far more than two Lincolnhead copper-zinc sandwiches! Thank you, Charlie. Info and advice from experience. Very useful for our fellow White ‘puter users in deciding what to do about Windows & Apple versus Linux.

      Speaking of printers, this is off on a tangent but potentially useful for anyone else who soon buys a new printer: I bought another HP printer, my third in a row, as I was happy the previous two. An OfficeJet 4200 series. Supposed to be so very easy to setup. Not! It tried to force me to setup by wifi, secondarily by wired Internet. None of it would work. I almost gave up and returned the thing. One reason for it not working was a requirement for 2.4g wifi while the free wifi here at the apartment complex is 5g. There are other reasons. Anyway, the finale is that I found my way on to a page offering direct download of drivers. It, too, was not as it should have been. But I succeeded in downloading and installing the necessary drivers. A person with less experience in problemsolving such damned computer issues likely would have given up, gone back to the store, and hoped to find a printer with the simple, almost foolproof setup that used to be the norm a decade ago. Now, they ought to simply provide a mini cheapo USB stick with the necessary drivers. Probably cost them only a dollar. But they don’t want people choosing to be UNconnected to their jew-owned companies and their data collection and control.

      And now, I refer readers back to Charlie’s valuable info.

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