MyWhiteSHOW: SineAid & HyleKunt are Crypto-jews. Headlines Hell. Meme of All Time.

Please wait for the long video — thus big file — to load.

This episode adds up the clues to make the conclusion that SineAid (Sinead McCarthy) and HyleKunt (Kyle Hunt) are crypto-jews, partners in slime, pretending to be Whites while working viciously to undermine White males and to sow defeatism.

Remember: crypto-jews don’t tell us they’re jews! We have to investigate, add up the evidence, and make our own conclusions in order to rout out vipers from our pro-White anti-jew Truth movement.

Also in this 4th episode of Season Two, take a brief tour through Headlines Hell on a “Right Wing” controlled-opposition news aggregator.

And see the Meme of All Time.

MyWhiteSHOW is Your White Show!

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