‘TAKE A HINT!’ new song vid

TAKE A HINT! new song. An EIN MAN Production, copyright 2023 jtl.

Listen, copy, share, at will!

My knowledgeable viewers are encouraged to take the point of view of the singer. The song is aimed at our many Whites who have much to learn.

The lyrics are below, in an openable or downloadable pdf file.

Here are some additional-info documents related to the song’s lyrics:

  • My historic article on MarkTwain/SamClemens, as pdf file.
  • Blurbs from my CREDENTIALS Page related to other famous names in the song:
  • Wisdom of the Ancients, by Francis Bacon. 1625. This edition 1884. NO wisdom offered. Only pretense, and self-aggrandizement. The famous, historical Francis Bacon was a very productive, top-level writer serving the jew agenda. Rosicrucian (secret society, not a good thing). Employed by King James to produce a “modern” version of the Bible, known since as the popular “King James Version.” Also, I agree with Mark Twain (though crypto-jew Samuel Langhorne Clemens) that Bacon was the real Shakespeare. The ignorant actor Shaksper (spelling varies) could not have been the writer of the extremely knowledgeable plays attacking royal rulers as corrupt and perverted, thus paving the way for Cromwell’s jew-serving revolution. Thus, I state here, as I did several years ago on my WhitesWillWin site, my conclusion that Bacon, too, was a crypto-jew.”
  • Béchamp Or Pasteur? By Ethel Douglas Thomson Hume. Published 1923, 1932. Evidence is conclusive: Louis Pasteur was a wrongfully glorified liar, thief, and medical murderer. I say Pasteur was a jew. Pasteur was the “Einstein” of the 1800s, derailing medical science as Einstein later derailed physics and space science. Everything we have been taught to give Pasteur credit for is wrong. His wealthy sponsors were jews. The top pushers of his false glory and fame today are jews. Though I have no direct evidence of Pasteur being a jew, the mountain of evidence surrounding him says so. And jewry continues to cover for him and glorify him to this day. The true great man, the true great scientist in biology and medicine was Antoine Béchamp, and this book’s main purpose was to document Béchamp’s magnificence, which I accept. Even in the late 1800s, Béchamp and others knew and said that Pasteur’s and Jenner’s “vaccines” were poisons. And today, the jews’ vaccines are still poisons. All of them. Read this book for Béchamp’s many great discoveries and declarations, and read it for the proof of Pasteur’s theft and corruption of many of Bechamp’s achievements. Click to my BOOKS+ page and get this book as a free pdf file.”
  • The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, by jew Christopher Jon Bjerknes. 2006. The pdf file was 2,826 pages long! Good book, though hugely repetitive, it really proved its case of jew Albert Einstein as scientific fraud. But this book gave Bjerknes his “in” to our White anti-jew movement where he spews his lies against Adolf Hitler and 1933-45 Germany. That’s jew Bjerknes’ jew job.”

Song Lyrics pdf file:

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