IT’S LITERALLY…! ep16. SubPsyop. TJEFF on the CON. Greedy jew Greta

IT’S LITERALLY episode16!

Sub Psyop. OceanGate. Hey, remember WaterGate, BillyGate, ContraGate, IraqGate, IranGate, MonicaGate, NannyGate, TravelGate, TrooperGate, GatesGate… ? There were many more, but I made up that last one. Crypto-jew BillGates is a full Gate scandal all by himself.

Well, let’s have a look at the supposed minisub implosion. It ties in with TitanicGate. Yep, I made up that one, too. But it deserves it because it wasn’t the Titanic. It was the Olympic. Watch and listen as I explain.

Thomas Jefferson. The great. No gate. What did he say about newspapers? What did he say when he got news and some details about the CONvention in 1787? I know it and I tell it like nobody else.

Greedy jew Greta. Say it again. Greedy jew Greta. Say it again.

The Japan Nugget is a triple play. Bliss included.

And more. It’s hairy. It’s fun. It’s important. And it’s all LITERALLY free!

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