IT’S LITERALLY…! ep14. Musk Moon Mars Lies. VN Nug. Japan Nugget 1

IT’S LITERALLY…! episode14 with a focus on crypto-jew Elon Musk, darling of the jewsmedia and jewed governments. I cover his and presidents’ lies about Moon and Mars plans for decades and why they do not come to fruition.

That said, it does appear in the photo above as if Musk has indeed gone into outer space, discovered strange new worlds, and found strange new life, and brought back a sample! His mating with that particular alien resulted in a daughter “by surrogacy.” Hmmm.

Also, the VietNam Nugget series is giving way to the new JAPAN NUGGET series — like night and day. I lived in both countries and know of what I speak.


Jim Laffrey

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