jIMPACT! Soros confirms jew ’empire’

Infamous George Soros, here, underscores my assessment of the jew control of Russia before and after the contrived “breakup” of the USSR.

And he includes “pieces” of China in his self-described “empire,” too.

Recall, please, my video of 22 August 2022 in which I laid out, as I have done for years, the jew control at the top of the USA, Russia, and China, and their evil game.

Here’s a link to that show: “World-Topping Trio: USA, Russia, China”.


  1. Very important and significant.

  2. Great video!! I’ve never seen Soros brag about his ” Soros Empire”! Disgusting indeed. Do you believe his sob story that the Nazis spared him his life because he was a young defenseless boy when Hitler was unleashing his evil wrath on the Jews. So Soros says the Nazis made him steal jewelry from the Jews and all this horse shit. In order to live of course, anyway thank you for sharing that little gem. I’ve only heard the Klaus Schwab explain how he was infiltrated Z cabinets of governments. And how we’ll eat Z bugs. I freaking hate that mfer. Anyway I will get worked up. Lol I’m going to bed. Good night.

    • Thank you, Stacey. No, of course I do not “believe” any jew sob stories. Soros is a jew. And Klaus Schwab is a jew — crypto-jew. I hope you had a good night. Now it is 12:55 in the afternoon, my time.

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