jIMPACT! Covid. R U With Me Yet?

Are you with me yet on the criminal “covid” hoax? I was right from the get-go, early 2020.

Let’s review.

See my CREDENTIALS page for the best of resources. In this case, see the listing for “Bechamp Or Pasteur?” to learn the truth about jew-glorified Louis Pasteur and the ongoing lies about so-called “vaccines.”


Verifiable facts, assembled into knowledge. And the best of us achieve wisdom atop that knowledge. Not opinions here. Not beliefs.


Jim Laffrey


  1. Thanks, Jim, for your COVID video. The only safe vaccine is the one not taken. Jonas Salk is the “father of mass vaccination”. jews created and mandated vaccines – up to 84 (meme) http://www.kirksvilletoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/daed4d4269850065-9049729.jpeg

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