The independent scientist James McCanney has pros and cons. This show shares both, but it highlights the CONs.

Why should you care? Along the way, I explain why McCanney is important enough to warrant a full show and why he deserves the punishment.

Also important to ponder is whether he is White or jew. And what about the surprise not only of his being married but to a relatively young wife? Is she a jew?

Let’s have a look.


This link is to the Youtube jewtube video by McCanney promoting his Wing Generator in which he announces his wife at the 5m04s mark.

This link is to my own video last year (2020) about McCanney and Eric Dollard, two “Electric White Scientists.” Both claim to be experts on Nikola Tesla and his works. I say Dollard is the best on that score. The link is to my video posted on WorldTruthVideos though it is also here on my own website.

This link is to my CREDENTIALS page and its important info on McCanney’s books and how to get them for free.

This link is to McCanney’s main site’s homepage. And this link is to his radio broadcast archive of mp3 files.



  1. Wow, very thorough critique of McCanney. You hit everyone of my misgivings concerning him when I listened to many of his audios. A few comments:
    1. McCanney’s wife – definitely not white and I’d agree, most likely jew.
    2. The wing generator looks just like the fan section of a modern high bypass turbo-fan jet engine. If it works as he claims, it’s a clever adaptation, but I’d think it would be scalable to a smaller size.
    3. Water harvesting system – grotesquely over complicated. If used in a turd world country will it come with a white man to keep it operating? Guaranteed, non-whites would break it within a week.
    4. Your smelly water from the filter. Might try filtering diluted chlorox through your system. The filter is already unusable with the odor, so you really have nothing to lose. I also note your stainless vessel looks exactly like a Berkey vessel. Wouldn’t be surprised if the filters were the same as Berkey filters. Enough said.
    5. Surviving in the wilds of Minnesota and Canada as described by McCanney, would make him the toughest man alive. Does he wrestle with grizzly bears, too?
    6. Grow towers – just another hydroponics variation, and as you mentioned, requires outside inputs. There is no substitute for growing plants in soil maintained by compost inputs from plants and animals you raise.
    And I still lean more to thinking McCanney is a jew.
    Outro – funny!

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