Truth That Cowards Hate. An open shooting war here in the USA is a necessity.

We were born into race war, as I prove in this show. The enemy has propagandized our White race to think there is no race war, and if Whites retaliate, the resulting war will be the fault of “the evil White race.” Once plainly stated, this is immediately recognized as an obviously true fact. Right?

BLM, ANTIFA, and other anti-White groups have been allowed to riot, thus ramping up the race war against us. Remember, the police and national guard were told not to intervene unless Whites rise up to kill some murderous terrorists and restore order. Then the LEOs were to pounce on the Whites.

Likewise, in the enemy’s teardowns of White statues.

Likewise, in nigger and jew funerals where nobody was harassed by LEOs for not wearing masks and maintaining “social distancing.” But Whites have been arrested for same. (Meanwhile, if you don’t yet know it, the whole of “covid” is a monstrous criminal hoax accompanied by crimes of tyranny aimed mostly at our White race, now with the attempted forcing of poison so-called “vaccines.” And note: jews do not take the vaccines, only placebos.)

The enemy will continue to turn the screws, as they have throughout our whole lives. They will continue to do so just short of the point at which Whites might rise up en-masse. This is because jewry does NOT want a full-out race war. Only the enemy and dupes say that jewry wants full-out race war. I explain in this show.

Defense does not win. Defense does not win a football game let alone a race war. Offense Is Required.

I predict what the needed race war will look like, who will win, and what the necessary Step Two will be.


Jim Laffrey

CLAIMER: In the USA, we have the right to disagree with the government on who the enemies are who need to be killed. I certainly disagree with the government. In regard to “rights,” we must use and maintain them, or lose them. The enemy never stops working to erode and deny us our rights. Only force will stop them.


  1. Saxon Warrior

    I have to correct you on your claim that arabs are Shemitic which is not true. Erebs(Hebrew for “mingled” or “to grow dark”) and jews are the exact same peoples, they are mongrels, islsm was totally a Jewish invention of the jew Mohammed and other fellow jews. There is massive evidence that clearly points out who the Israelite people are, ie “semitic” or of Shem and they are the White race!! Take the time to study this fact, …
    ETC ETC ETC of mind-poison — destructive BELIEF in not only nonsense but jew-penned nonsense deliberately fashioned to infect and destroy our White race. I am James, writing here in bold. I have deleted the rest of the looong comment of crap. Now, I will post this and write a separate reply.

    • I am James. I don’t accept the pushing of mind-poisons on my website, nor on my video channels — such as WorldTruthVideos. I have repeatedly said so. In the recent past, I have repeatedly engaged in discussions with the christ-insane, and feel no need to do so any more. Many of my shows have presented enough evidence and reasoning — not only by me but also Revilo Oliver and other wise White men — to completely and permanently dispense with the BELIEFS of all believers. But the nature of believers is to reject verifiable facts and clear logic in contradiction to their beliefs. Discussion, debate, whatever we call it, is a waste of time. But I have done it, and it is documented in comments under some of my videos. In the case of Saxon Warrior, above, he does one of the things they commonly do: insult my intelligence by telling me to “take the time to study this fact” and the other crap spewed AS IF I HAVE NOT DONE SO EARLIER IN MY 64 YEARS. They don’t even have the decency to ask if I have studied such things, or if I have done shows on these things, or if I did articles about these things on my previous websites such as “WhitesWillWin.” This is as nice as I can be to what I guess is another well-meaning White man who suffers belief. I can only hope that he, and the others, have the brainpower to some day soon come back to reality. And I do say “come back” because we were not born with such beliefs in our brains. They were taught to us — by jews and by fellow Whites already duped by the jews.

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