LibertyBellShow s01e09: Bobby Fischer’s Claim. WEBTOUR — No, Really!

Remember Bobby Fischer, the world chess champion, who ranted correctly against jews during his later years?

Fischer claimed to not be a jew. But let’s have a look at that. The Liberty Bell magazine of October 1984 re-published Fischer’s letter to the jew encyclopedia publisher. White or jew? I offer my definite answer.

In this episode, I devote the bulk of the time to a WEBTOUR to add to what I showed in the previous episode (only one page last time! for which I apologize). Yes, the part of the worldwide web that is of interest to us is big, and only a small slice can be covered in any show. I intend to revisit this subject in the near future.

Some of the people and items featured are: Dr. Lorraine Day, Biden’s jews, BigCountryExpat, WorldTruthVideos’ young social media platform, and more.


This link opens as my MyWhiteTV account on the WorldTruthVideos platform.

This link opens on my PATTON.45 account homepage on Bitchute. I no longer try to post new videos there.

This link opens on my PATTON.45 account homepage on GoyimTV. I am waiting for them to update their site’s programming before I can continue to post videos there.

This link opens on my GAB account homepage, and my account name is OffenseIsRequired.

This link opens on my WorldTruth Online account homepage, where my account name is again OffenseIsRequired. But no content shows with your having an account and being signed in.

This link opens the GAB page of “Josh” showing his count of 51 jews in the Biden administration of the jUSA. It’s a good start. But evidence on the other crypto-jews is hard to find.

This link opens on the homepage of the GAB account of BigCountryExpat, an outspoken military veteran.

This link opens on the homepage of Chuck Maultsby Jr.’s website. A treasure.

This link opens on one of Dr. Lorraine Day’s best web pages, but you have to scroll down past the c-insanity to get to the good stuff — a lot of good stuff.

And there is the other Dr. Day website and its books page featuring her latest book, which surely names jewry as the enemy of humanity and includes many important historical truths about jewry and their crimes against humanity.



  1. Agree. Bobby Fischer is a jew, but he wants to be White. Identity conflict can result with mixed persons.
    Yes, good riddance to Gladys ‘jewess’ Berejiklian. Australia still has problems, but one is gone.
    New Social Media platform WorldTruthMX looks promising.
    Chuck Maultsby site is very good – “Some people blame all of the world’s problems on the Jews – They are called researchers”… Trevor LaBonte
    I have Dr. Day’s newest book. It is very good and names crypto-jew presidents. I haven’t been to her sites. Thanks for posting.

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