LibertyBellShow s01e03: Letters. WHAT IS MILES MATHIS? Henry Ford on jews.

Welcome to my fellow Whites to the main event: “What Is Miles Mathis?” The answer is given, with evidence.

The show kicks off as always with some nuggets of knowledge from the Liberty Bell Magazine, this time from Letters To The Editor.

And it bears oft repeating that the great inventor-automaker Henry Ford published a huge treasure of knowledge about jewry — “The World’s Foremost Problem” — 100 years ago. Guess who has suppressed his publications and that knowledge so that most of our fellow Whites know nothing of it?


The first Letter mentioned, about the Protocols of 1489, etc., is from LB 1983-10. This link opens as a pdf from the Liberty Bell archive on the website.

The second and third letters are from LB 1983-11. This link opens as a pdf again from the Liberty Bell archive on

My CREDENTIALS page, on which, at the top of the list of books, the Henry Ford book blurb gives two links to pdf files.

Link to the scum Miles Mathis main website.

Link to the scum Raeto West’s “Big-Lies” website, appropriately named!

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