Yes, Offense Is Required to overcome those who have imposed the anti-White agenda throughout our lives.

In this special show, I focus mostly on the “CounterCulture” movement that we all were born into, and which was ramped up in the 1960s and continues to rampage to this day.

“Counter” means “against.” Well, now. “Against” what culture, whose culture?

Against WHITES’ culture!

See a video clip of Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones rock band committing this crime against us so effectively in 1965.

Need I point out that Jagger, surely a crypto-jew, and his fellow jew Rolling Stones, are still going, having gotten away with all their drug crimes, and have been promoted by the jewsmedia the entire time?

The jews’ Counter-White-Culture has included much more than the entire rock and pop and jazz and rap music industries. Also, of course, tv, movies, newspapers, magazines, radio, government activities, and more.

I take you back through a bit of history and name some names.

Also, I note a little progress we’re making as evidenced by “car guys,” “gun guys,” and anti-vaxers.

And now is “back to school” time, so I read some of the local free newspaper propaganda against our health — mind-poisons and body-poisons. This is propaganda that most of our older homeowning adults have no clue about. They accept it as “normal.” And they “believe” it.


On the railroad track of Truth,

and on the railroad track of Reality,

belief is the first step OFF the rails.

Live by verifiable facts. Facts assembled is knowledge. Our White race built a Foundational KNOWLEDGE System. Yes, jews have corrupted it. But living by knowledge is the only sure way to make progress in reality. Belief — which is thinking things are true without verifiable factual support — makes people gullible to the jews’ sweet-sounding baits and to the jews’ endless fear-porn lies.


Jim Laffrey


  1. Sarah Perry

    Email received re Mike King’s article – STOP THE IDIOTIC “NAZI” COMPARISONS! – An Open Letter to the Q Anon Community
    Hi Sarah,
    I too am sick and tired of the Nazi slurs. Mike King deserves much credit for his integrity and knowledge of WWII history. I hope this article generates much more interest in his work. ……..Joe

    • Thanks, Sarah.
      On Mike King, he puts out a lot of very good material along with some very bad — specifically his christ-insanity, which includes his absurd arguments against evolution. (It’s one thing to oppose evolution, but it’s quite another to use his false arguments.) Also, as you know, Mike King is a Q dupe and Trumptard.

      On balance, I think Mike King’s overall output has been a help to our race. His positives outweigh the negatives.

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