MyWhiteSHOW: ‘EVERYTHING’ Part 2. Great White Thomas Jefferson. Races History.

Welcome to the penultimate episode of Season Two.

‘EVERYTHING’ People Believe Is True Is False, PT2. The CIA director jew William Casey, in 1981, stated this as a goal. I continue to explain how, now, it’s very nearly a done deal.

Great White Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the U.S.A., and watch me explain how he was the first White president of the U.S.A.

Also, get a little Races History knowledge from our White ancestors who published it in 1878, before the jews seized the reins and derailed the science.

Other topics covered include Executive Orders, the Floyd/Chauvin BS, crypto-jew actor Woody Harrelson’s new anti-German anti-White project, and amber waves of grain.



  1. Sarah Perry

    Enemies of America are jews! Jews are traitorous liars. In all great empires the jew within opens the gates to other aliens.
    White science – FAMILY, ORDER, SPECIES – The different races are different species. The jewish invasion of academia have dumbed Americans down and preached we are all equal, the same.

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