MyWhiteSHOW: PCR Inventor Blasts Liars Fauci and Gallo. SpaceX FakeX Again. jews BonJovi Springsteen push criminal covid hoax.

Season One of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show — nears its finale with this hourlong, hard-hitting truth fest.

Kary Mullis, inventor of the famous PCR process, died last year, 2019. But long before he did, he called out the famous HIV/AIDS liars — one of whom is a Covid liar, too — Gallo and Fauci. See the video right here. Let’s nail the coffins shut on the criminal HIV fraud and the criminal Covid fraud — jew frauds.

Also, let’s analyze the latest LOL fake from SpaceX: a comic-book reverse landing and explosion — with all the untimely camera changes and jarring edits we’ve come to eXpect from crypto-jew pedo Elon Musk and company.

Rock music fans get more evidence of their actually worshiping our enemies in this exposé, thanks to MattyD 4Truth on 153news. “Friggin'” jews in their “friggin'” masks in a “friggin'” billboard campaign by “friggin'” jew wife of jew governor Murphy of New Jersey. It’s their “friggin'” term, not mine.

And why should I care any more about the feelings of some bloggers when they insist on maintaining and repeating their ignorance? I shouldn’t. And I don’t. Here, I name a few names and show how they are a special breed of sheeple.

And for anyone who hasn’t gotten the message yet, let me repeat right here: We’re under attack. Surely this is obvious for anyone with a functioning brain. Also obvious, in view of recent history, a defense-only strategy is an absolutely losing strategy. We must take back ground. And we must win. OFFENSE IS REQUIRED. Yes, I’m talking about guns. Yes, I’m talking about killing the known enemy and their tools.


  1. str8 shooter

    Best work around. Actually, best work there is. I’d like to just add a note about MattyD. Though good against “god’s chosen murderers,” he still hasn’t realized that the jews lied about Adolf Hitler, too. In a very recent video of his, he used “Hitler” as an example of evil. That may be a reason why he doesn’t reply to your invitations — he’s still too ignorant and assumes you are the one who is wrong.

    • Excellent points about MattyD. You seem also to be aware of Revilo Oliver’s catalog of nicknames for the kikenvermin. Admirable! Thank you very much.

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