MyWhiteSHOW: ‘Amazing Polly’ Is A jew. Dan Rather Is Still A RATner.

Let’s just be done with the self-Chosen “Amazing” one, shall we? Back in July 2020 I did a video on “Amazing Polly” St. George and stopped just short of declaring her a crypto-jew. Now, with added evidence, there’s no reason to hold back.

Also in this s01e16 issue of MyWhiteShow — which is Your White Show — jewTV “journalist” Dan Rather is still lying. Some of us remember him as the longtime anchor of the CBS Evening News. Furthermore, some remember — and the rest of us learned — that Rather played a part way back in November 1963 related to the infamous Zapruder film purported to be real, undoctored footage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Now, we know that the Zapruder film is a very doctored piece of disinformation.

Well, Rather, who I now call “RATner” (explained in the video), has a new book out, with a giveaway contest and a co-writer, all of which deserve dishonorable mention.

Finally, there is a meme and a bit more on the virus that does not exist. Yes, I do mean the one dubbed “our invisible enemy” by our very visible enemies who have created and perpetrated this entire criminal hoax upon us.

Scribd has the CDC document saved. Here is the URL: . Scroll down to page 39, and you will find this quote: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, ….”

If we had an honest government, the “quantified virus isolates” would have been a must before any announcement of its existence could have been made.

Still, after all these months of UNconstitutional crimes against us, there is still no isolated, purified sample of the virus. That is because there is NO SUCH VIRUS.

There is only one true Solution for such heinous deceptive creatures oppressing us. The only message they really “get” is a bullet in the head.

Our men must MAN-UP. Turn off the tv. Put down the beer. Filter the poison fluoride out of the water. And THINK.

Read my “Counties Plan” on my About page, which will help the thought process.

I am Jim Laffrey, not an anonyMouse. We must have at least some White Men verifiably identifiable as true White trustworthy men who offer the top truth and urge what must be done.

Why do I say this? Because I, myself, would not trust, would not follow, an anonyMouse. So, I stand up, trustworthy, verifiable.


  1. Polly is a Christian. Your email to her did not deserve a reply because your accusation is totally absurd.

    • Thanks for your comment, which displays your ignorance on the subject. Throughout history, jews have pretended to be members of any religion to help them dupe nonjews. It is well documented, for example, that many popes have been jews — and cardinals and bishops and pastors. Israel, the jew-established illegal country where only jews can be full citizens, invites any jews born around the world to become full citizens of Israel. Israel has no religion test for citizenship. The test is parentage, which is blood, which is race. At least one confirmed jew grandparent is enough for them. Also, surely you have heard of crypto-jews, and “conversos,” and the like. We don’t need jews to tell us what I’m saying is true, yet many jews have said so — not in support of us but in bragging about the crimes they’ve gotten away with.

      If you’re in the mood to read some documentation, I suggest starting by clicking to my BOOKS+ page and downloading the bio on Queen Isabel (Isabella) for yourself to own and read at your leisure.

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