‘Amazing Polly’ Folly

A lot of White truthtellers on the Internet are giving the popular YouTube videomaker “Amazing Polly” free publicity and heaps of praise.

I’ve seen her videos re-posted on standard websites and on video platforms such as BitChute and BrandNewTube. After watching about a dozen of her videos over the last few months, I conclude that she is far less than “Amazing.”

Let’s add up some pieces of evidence about “Amazing Polly.”

First, the most basic of observations.

How many Whites would name themselves “Amazing __” and insert their own given name?

Next, I have seen her smoking and drinking beer during her videos. This tells us that something is wrong.

When the “renegade” cabal first appeared on the scene several years ago, once a week they would have a “roundtable” broadcast with all the members there, and they would boast about how much beer they drank prior to the broadcast. Subsequently, the best of us outed some of them as crypto-jews, including Kyle Hunt later infamous as the partner of mudshark crypto-jew Sinead, who was viciously anti-White-male on her former HeathenWomen.com website.

So, why does Polly sometimes smoke and occasionally drink during videos? Is she deliberately setting a bad example? Otherwise, is it because she feels a lot of stress? Why would she? Two common reasons:

  1. Stress from telling the top truth, which she does NOT do.
  2. Or stress from being a jew pretending to be White her whole life.

A lot of jews have bouts of depression and commit suicide from this stress. Examples: Mike Wallace, depression. Robin Williams and Philip Seymour Hoffman, suicide (though Hoffman’s is called an “accidental overdose”).

The following specifics are taken from the most recent video by Polly that I have seen, titled “Maxwell, Epstein and the Control of Science since WW2.”

Polly claims that she has been doing big-issues research for “10 to 15 years.” How could someone “research” for a decade and not see and report the pattern of jews atop everything, from FDR to now? Plus: Weinstein and Hollywood; Epstein and at least the U.S. domestic child-sex-trafficking network; the jew Federal Reserve and top banksters; the jew media moguls and top reporters.

Since Polly’s fame is from YouTube (jewtube), the answer to that question is a simple choice:

  • Either she doesn’t say “they’re jews” because she wants to keep her precious jewtube fame, or
  • she doesn’t say “they’re jews” because she is serving the jews.

In this video, she says: At the end of WW2, the American military in Germany launched Operation Rusty, which took in Soviets and “Nazis” and “put Germans in charge of all intelligence coming out of Russia.”

Polly doesn’t know jews, not Germans, won WW2? She doesn’t know that after the war, real Germans were “in charge” of nothing?

So, is she yet another otherwise-intelligent White researcher still buying and spewing the jews’ anti-German propaganda? Or is she deliberately luring-in half-awake Whites with partial truth and then holding them down with anti-German lies and distracting them into such bullshit as the “Technocratic Conspiracy”?

Also in this video, she twists Operation Paperclip into something it was not, as she gullibly (or foxily) quotes from obviously jew-written documents about it. Operation Paperclip is widely known as the post-war importing of German scientists to work for the U.S. government, and the jew-led Soviet Union did the same.

The truth is that there was no evil intent by our German cousins and their advanced inventions and discoveries. The evil intent comes with the jews’ theft, use, and abuse of those inventions and discoveries. The jews atop the ALLIES (All Lies) U.S. and U.S.S.R. made indentured servants of German scientists in the hopes that the jews would learn from them how to make and abuse the German achievements.

And then jews atop the U.S. and U.S.S.R. shared what they learned with each other. As one obvious example: NASA has launched astronauts and satellites by Russian rockets in Russia since the Apollo farce and ongoing to this day.

Polly, again in this video, (24m09s) even uses a jew description of 1952 Wuhan, China, employing “German” technology as she continues to falsely indict Germans in what is going on today.

Again, she doesn’t know jews won WW2? She doesn’t know that the Wuhan lab of lies is not even Chinese but is a U.S.-jew establishment?

The enemy jews Emanuel:
Ari (left), Rahm, and

In this video, she talks about Ezekiel Emanuel (26m25s) in a negative way, as she should. But how can she NOT mention that he is of the jew family including Rahm Emanuel (former Obama chief of staff, and Chicago mayor)? Of less import is Ari, a CEO of Hollywood and beyond.

Polly repeatedly shows a chart that it would seem she made herself. Under the picture of Robert Maxwell, she has two items that are totally jew items, including a tiny Israeli flag. But this section that we recognize as a jew section is no more than one-fifth of the presentation. In actuality, we could put jew badges on nearly every one of the pictures of the 11 people on her chart and on the companies and organizations symbolized there, too. Her chart wrongly puts more emphasis on the Chinese. The scum Alex Jones would be comfortable using her chart.

At about 31m30s into her video, Polly shows a page of photos and the connection with a John Brockman. He’s a jew. It’s a page of mostly if not all jews. But she makes no mention of this fact.

At 32m42s, she uses a Eugenics connection to announce that “racial hygiene” is a bad thing. So, she’s that stupid? Or that guilty?

In reality, there is nothing wrong with wanting to weed out the DNA detrimental to your race. The “biological refuse,” Revilo Oliver called it. The only argument may be over to what extent the weeding-out should go. Anyway, this says she is against White racial hygiene. Thus, she is not pro-White.

At 35m, Polly is back on Wuhan, China, and an international conference on “Control Science and Systems Engineering.”

  • She doesn’t know that the Chinese don’t invent anything of importance but only copy what Whites invent or get White inventions given to them by the jews?
  • Polly doesn’t know about the jews interbreeding with China’s top families for the last century, at least, thus putting Chinese-looking crypto-jews in top positions?

At 35m45s, again she pushes the jews’ anti-German agenda. I quote:

“… control of human behavior. It started with those experiments that were done by those Nazi doctors. And then we adopted them into our countries?”

Wrong. The jews have projected their crimes onto Germans and the rest of us Whites. For example, Dr. Josef Mengele is accused by jews of crimes he did not do but that the jews did in the jewSoviet Union. Another: the jews accuse Germans of doing “The Holocaust,” which they did not do, but jews already had committed mass-murders and death camps against the Boers (Whites) of South Africa and the Whites of Ukraine (to name just two of the many examples in history).

Let’s take a jewelry break. None of us who are wise to jewry would wear a six-pointed anything. Right? Polly displays six-pointed earrings — the points are rounded, but connecting the dots gives you the “Star of David” just as effectively as jew-controlled Walmart’s modern logo.

Yes, she also shows us a rounded-cross necklace, suggesting Christian belief. So did Madonna — jew Madonna.

At about 39m00, Polly rants about Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF). This seems good, right? Wrong. Why? After 39 minutes of video wrongly demonizing Germans, she has set up Klaus Schwab to look like another “evil German.” Schwab is a jew. And then she plays a video clip of a WEF promo with a spokeswoman obviously a jew. Not a peep from Polly about them being jews.

I think Polly wants a “Cracker.” Get it? A longtime slang insult term against Whites is “Cracker.” Polly wants nearly all evildoers to be seen as Crackers. That’s a foundational technique of the entire jewsmedia: Don’t identify the White-looking criminals as the jews that they are, thus the audience will automatically think the criminals are Whites.

WHOA! At 41m50s of the 48-minute video, summing-up, Polly presents a different version of her chart. Gone is the Israeli flag.

This caused me to scan back through the video for the first appearance of the chart. How interesting. The first appearance had no jew flag. It was only in the middle section of her video that she briefly displayed the chart with a jew flag, as I described it above. So, the most important places — beginning and end — show her sanitized version of her chart. Her 13-picture chart. Her anti-White anti-Chinese version of her chart.

Is that enough? Doesn’t the evidence say Polly is serving the jew agenda? Whether jew or not, she is serving the jew agenda.

Oh, in the last minute of the video, she asks viewers to write to her with personal stories of how they woke up, how they got “red-pilled,” she says. (I hate that colored-pill crap.) Surely, some viewers will tell her about 9/11 and jews, about Hollywood and jews, about Epstein and jews. Will Polly share those stories unedited?

I hope by now all readers here can correctly answer that question.

If you’ve seen her video, and if you stuck it out to the end, you heard her say the current crypto-jew favorite sign-off: “Peace out.” (I know, not only jews say it. Some otherwise good Whites have been duped into saying that ignorant, pacifist phrase.)

Hey, jewtube and jew-owned paypal are happy with Polly.

To think Polly is “Amazing” is folly.

We ought be very wary of the self-proclaimed “Amazing” one. Facts: She is not pro-White. She is anti-German. She does not identify jews as jews.

Polly is either dangerously, longterm, ignorant or is yet another enemy among us pretending to be White.

Do you have any good evidence in support or to the contrary? I welcome your comments or emails.

About The Author
- Born to White parents who were born in the U.S.A., of proud German and proud Irish ancestry. Consider how great our lives would be if we had been born and raised in a country controlled by our own people -- as it should be -- rather than controlled by jews pretending to be our own people.


    • jbl

      Being a jew isn’t about religion. It’s about race. Israel doesn’t have a religion test for any jew born around the world to be an automatic full citizen of Israel. Israel has only a parentage test, which is blood, which is DNA, which is race. The jews don’t give top jobs to Whites. The jews don’t give fame and fortune to White men. These are Rules Of Thumb. By whom? Me. For a decade already. Schwab has a top job surrounded by jews and with jews as his bosses. Schwab is a form of a common name used by jews stolen from Germans so that the scum jews could pass as Germans in the most important country of Europe — Germany. The jews don’t like exposing their crypto-jews who serve them so well to dupe the host population. So, we have to add up the evidence and make our own judgments. This one is an easy one for veterans at this.

      • Akkas Artasir

        I had not gotten the displeasure of seeing this hook-snooted jewess engage in the typical mindfuckery that the jew will always do. In actuality, I suspect that Jews like this foul Polly are probably the few that may have just a little bit of talent and seeing how easily the jew came through one can see why the Jews generally waste no time acting displayong their visceral hatred of the white European people first, then anything that they cannot control, manipulate, dominate, and ultimately subvert and destroy. So, the natural laws of nature, of God Almighty/Jesus Christ, life of an honorable man, and an honorable warrior are as foreign to the jew as the Chinese language is to my German and Irish ethnicity. The jews hate our white European race, yet if the devious little hissing bastards were magically transported to a remote island, they would not try to create a place for themselves, grow food, hell no they would do none of these and most would thank god die, but what they would try to do is find a way to get back into a country of a European white host and quickly they would return to the undermining, subterfuge, slanderous, divide and conquer, and shit-stirring ways. They are a thorn in our side and there is actually a solution. Nah, go figure!

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