Special: SpaceX and Moon Fake Landings

In 1969, I was 12 years old, and I was NASA’s biggest little fan. They got me young. I bought the patch for each Apollo mission and sewed them onto my coat. Even on into high school, I transferred the best patches to my athlete’s jacket sleeves.

At the age of 50 years old, despite my knowledge of some of the monstrous lies of our lives, I still said that I didn’t see any reason why we didn’t land on the Moon. I said we had the rockets, we had the technology, and the jews would have wanted to know what was on the Moon, too.

Yep, I was late to the truth on this one.

Several years ago, thanks to the skill and perseverance of the men who knew and shared the truth about the supposed Apollo Moon Landings, I was cured.

My favorite evidence that I think anyone who looks with their eyes open can readily grasp is that the Moon Landers’ rocket thrust never stirred up a speck of dust. NASA’s own photos are all the proof we need.

There’s a mountain of other evidence — wrong lighting, wrong backgrounds, wrong perspectives, wrong shadows, killer radiation, camera and film problems, and more.

But it’s simple and true: No rocket crater under the craft? Then it did not land into its position by rocket thrust. Therefore, it did not land on the Moon.

Therefore, the pictures were not taken on the Moon.

So, along comes crypto-jew Elon Musk lying about flying men and women to the Moon and Mars. He and his jews of NASA decided they needed a new trick, new eye-candy to wow the sheeple. The self-Chosen picked the reverse-landing trick. Surely their Hollywood could provide the requisite “realistic” effects.

Well, jews being jews, apparently they were too busy trafficking and raping kids to get all the details right.

Watch, please. And blame the right enemy. NASA was and is under the control of jews, not Whites.

The U.S. government was and is under the control of jews, not Whites. Yes, a few Whites lied for the enemy.

Gus Grissom of Apollo 1, would not lie for them, and would not be silent, so they murdered him in a deliberate capsule fire.

Neil Armstrong, weighed down with remorse, avoided nearly all interview requests and NASA events from 1970 till his death.

Buzz Aldrin, a crypto-jew, loves the lie that keeps him famous.

The German scientist Wernher Von Braun must have been appalled when the decision was made by the jews, since actually flying men to the Moon wasn’t an option, to fake it. They would record the simulations and practice sessions and make a tv miniseries to be sold as true. Von Braun went nearly silent, and later was “promoted” into obscurity.

A couple of years ago, out of an unrelated curiosity, I torrented an old movie starring crypto-jew Sam Elliot as some kind of C.I.A. guy. The other main character, out of nowhere, spewed the line: “Wernher Von Braun was a monster.” A jew movie without pretext pukes out such hate speech against the White German man. That tells you without doubt that Von Braun was the opposite of “monster.”

I am acquainted with a White independent scientist who claims to have solved the radiation problem, but he will not tell how to anyone, least of all the government/NASA.

Likewise, as long as the enemy scum and not Whites are in control of our White-founded White-built country, none of us should help them in any way —

except for providing the extra hole in their heads that they so need and deserve.

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