Bunch Of BSers

A few of the BSers.
Jeff Berwick. Max Igan. David Icke.
Watch and listen for many more.

Bunch Of BSers. For me, these are low-hanging fruit in the vast jew-employed system of half-truthers, BSers, and outright flat-out liars — most of whom pretend to be Whites.

But it seems that most of our people are easily led astray by some or most of them. Thus, it’s good from time to time to publish a list of ’em!

Also in this show, I provide an educated guess at a scenario many of the cryptos would pass through, in which they provide their “bait” subject to their jew employer. The cryptos get their marching orders: to attract an audience with their hard truth or tainted truth about one major subject, and then mislead that audience in almost every other way.

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  1. List of jewish military: Treasonous Military Leadership Exposed
    …the Army is disproportionately run by Jewish [Babylonian Radhanite and Pilgrims Society] generals – https://truthbits.blog/2024/03/07/treasonous-military-leadership-exposed/

    Example: Lieut. Gen. H. Steven Blum[1] – https://military-history.fandom.com/wiki/H._Steven_Blum
    Blum is Jewish, and is a member of Jewish War Veterans.[5]

    • Yep. Proof that jewry controls the U.S. military from within.

      I started naming jews in the current military with the infamous Schwarzkopf of Iraq War fame/infamy. Another was Clarke, who supposedly “exposed” the Bush plan to take out several other countries around Israel. Anyway, I drifted away from talking much about the obviously jew-controlled military serving only jewry.

      Meanwhile, I’ve shone more light on the fact of crypto-jew presidents of the U.S., “commanders in chief” of the jewed military for worldwide jewry. But it seems few people are willing or able to grasp the fact of the Bushes, Obama, Biden, and Trump being crypto-jews.

      Thank you, Sarah. By the way, did you hear me mention you in the show? Since you openly use the name “Sarah Perry” online, I thought you would be fine with it and enjoy it.

  2. If you want more evidence Steve Falconer is a crypto jew, watch the following video (if you can stomach it)
    BTW, I really, really, really, really hate Steve Falconer.

    • Thank you for the comment and the link. I could only stand 3 minutes of it. I then scrolled the comments. Obvious enemies and idiots mixed in there. One comment was good, by “krew09”: “please,this isn’t the 1800’s anymore..Jews have taken over all aspects of finance,media,entertainment,run academia and government.Even the Vaticans money is in the hands of the Rothschilds..you have to be very ignorant to fall for this Jesuit disinfo”.


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