Radio Exposé: ‘Jewseppe’ and jewdy Mikovits

Radio Exposé: ‘Jewseppe’ and jewdy Mikovits.

In this show, I said that Dr. Judy Mikovits might be a known jew, such as perhaps wikipedia describes her as jewish. I should have checked earlier. She is not a known, or open, jew. Back in July of 2020, in the article under my show titled “Covid-19: 20-20 Hindsight…” I stated my conclusion that Mikovits is a crypto-jew, and I stand by that.

Here’s what I said about Mikovits (with an error in spelling, “Mikovitz”) in the above-linked article from 2020:

“We have whistleblowers, some of whom are jews giving only half the story and twisting the story to blame Whites instead of the real perps, the jews themselves. Here, I will insert the name of Judy Mikovitz, a crypto-jew, I say. Although Mikovitz is telling some good truth about scum Fauci’s criminal history, she has a book to sell, and a virus to sell, and she outs not a single jew as a jew. Thus, she leaves the ignorant masses to think the perps are Whites when they are not Whites, they are jews.”

On SpeakFreeRadio, is “Giuseppe” (not his real name) a jew? The evidence presented in this show certainly points toward that conclusion, but I am not quite taking the position that he is a jew. However, I do strongly conclude that he cannot be trusted. What do you think?

By the way, the Giuseppe-Mikovits broadcast is another piece of proof for what I have stated before: Often, interview hosts and guests make prior agreements on what they will and/or will not talk about — and don’t tell us they’ve made that deal. Obviously in this case, they made a prior agreement that “jew” was off limits. “Speak Free Radio”? Not.

Then again, if they are all jews in the Giuseppe-Mikovits broadcast, then they are speaking freely, half-truthing, lying by omission, deliberately misleading Whites into a lot of false fear-porn and away from the vital truth of jewry being the lying scum, vicious, murderous, supreme enemy. Lying about viruses. Lying about “off-gassing.” Lying about vaccinations-versus-inoculations. Lying about who are the targeted races. Lying about which race is the villain race.

It won’t stop until enough of us kill enough of them.


  1. Sarah Perry

    Interesting info. Michael also signed “danke” when he informed me that I would be locked out for a week. Remember when the WorldTruthMX was first started I questioned the blue check. The last few posts I have sent to “friends” and not “everyone”. I also unfriended Michael, so I probably won’t last long.

    I never liked listening to Guiseppe or Mikovits. I think it was Gahary’s idea for the rename “G Man”. SFR was started by Iranian Gahary and Paul English. Gahary owns Money Tree Publishing.

    Guiseppe’s background is in natural medicine and even Chinese, I think. He has known Mikovits for some time. Neither are very pretty to look at, IMO. Mikovits has worked with HIV/AIDS so her views are biased for sure. I don’t know the specifics bc I don’t listen to her.

    There’s a new host, Davis Lurmann. I hope Jewseppe is not his handler. He was fired years ago by Shanade (spelling ?) of Renegade Tribune. Then he was on Mami’s and was taken down. I think he was too controversial and did talk about another host, Kevin Barrett (Islam stuff). Davis, “The Right Perspective”, supposedly has his own show but Guiseppe is showing him the ropes and chimes in from time to time.

    • Good stuff, Sarah! Thank you very much.

      Davis Lurmann. Yeah, I listened to some of him talking and Jewseppe chiming in. Not a joy. I didn’t like Lurmann referring to our White race as “Whitey.” That’s always a red flag with me. It’s disrespectful. And I didn’t like his repeated and long jew-speaking impressions. So, I clicked it off.

  2. Sarah Perry

    New comedian you might like

    I don’t do X (twitter) but can, most of the time, access some X posts.

    • OK, I bit. Thanks for that.
      The youtube video was not entertaining to me.

      I looked at her twitter feed
      I don’t enjoy looking at her and listening to her. But I saw A LOT of good and funny text items there.

      Also interesting there is she said “Hellen Keller was fake.” Correct. I wonder how she learned that. A decade ago, with my research and conclusion on Mark Twain being a jew, I realized his pet Helen Keller was also a jew, and her teacher Ann Sullivan a jew, too. I never did an article or show on it because I didn’t think it would be of interest to anyone under 60 years old!

  3. Charlie

    You’re made of stern stuff. I’ve tried to listen to Miskovits Got-no-wits before. Can’t take more than a few minutes. Lots of words but no information and certainly no facts, which seems to be another typical jewish trait. She’s definitely a jew and not a very smart one either. If Giuseppe was legit, he would have called her to task on her very first statements. Both fall into the category “Waste of Time”. Sadly, far too many people believe what she has to say. And in her case, more than one is far too many.

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