Covid-19: 20-20 Hindsight and How To I.D. a Hoax and Perps

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Let’s take a brief look, step by step, at how the media and governments introduced us to what they later named “Covid-19.”
After this brief chronology, we’ll expose other aspects, including the testing, the vaccine agenda, and the illegal tyranny. Along the way, we’ll identify the perps.

I’m calling this “hindsight,” but actually I saw it pretty clearly for what it was as it unfolded. This briefing is a numbered outline of what came to my attention and what I thought along the way.

Bear in mind, I don’t have a tv. I get info by computer from the loose network of online White truthtellers and some liars pretending to be truthtellers. From there, I do my own research to separate truth from lies. Here we go:

  1. A dangerous “coronavirus” out of China, so they said. I thought, “another virus supposedly ‘out of China.’ Despite the supposed reasons they give, it makes no sense that China is the annual source of such things. Why not India once in a while, where a billion people shit on the ground emulating the cows they worship? And whatever happened to the so-called Russian Flu and the supposed Spanish Flu? Now it’s only China year after year? Absurd.”
  2. They showed comic videos from China of people “falling like flies” in the streets, falling down dead from “the coronavirus.” As stupid as that was, I still had to leave the door open to the possibility of a kernel of truth at the bottom of it all.
    Note: Here’s where I got some of the China clips:
  3. And then I looked up the term “coronavirus.” The annual colds and flus are coronaviruses! Thus, it already looked very much like a hoax. Meanwhile, the newsmedia in the U.S. were saying that China was shutting down factories, stores, etc., to “try to contain the virus.” This was at the same time, as I knew, that China closes for a month to celebrate the Lunar New Year — EVERY YEAR — but the lying media made no mention of that.
  4. The perpetrators saw that we, online, knew that merely calling it “coronavirus” was lame. So, they began groping for a better name. They ramped it up to “novel” coronavirus while they said analysis was showing it to be a modified version of SARS, and I saw at least one report including HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) in its makeup, too.
    Well, I never bought SARS in the first place, and that is because I had done the research on HIV many years ago. HIV is a jew-created piece of bullshit. The inventor of the PCR technique (polymerase chain reaction) with DNA, his name being Kary Mullis, said HIV was not an isolated, proven, entity. (See photos of Kary Mullis and following Peter Duesberg below.)
    And Dr. Peter Duesberg, molecular biologist and rare honest professor at UC-Berkeley, said that HIV was never isolated scientifically nor shown to the scientific community for verification of its supposed existence.
    Crypto-jew proven liar Robert Gallo got rewarded by jews for supposedly “determining” that HIV causes AIDS. But AIDS is a syndrome, a batch of ailments. Claiming that a single unproven virus causes a batch of ailments balled together and labeled “AIDS” is absurd.
    So, as you can see, with this knowledge that I brought to the table, the claim of a “modified” SARS-HIV made me laugh out loud. It was certain bullshit. Already, at step four, the case was closed for me.
  5. Next, China’s government and the USA government disagreed about the origin of their novel coronavirus. Funny. I was still working a part-time job then, and I explained to a co-worker, whose name is Cody: “We know the U.S. government has lied to us our whole lives. And I know, from personal knowledge, that the Chinese are liars. Like Vietnam, where I lived for a disgusting decade, theirs is a culture of deceit from top to bottom. So, since the two governments disagree, we know for certain at least one of the governments is lying, or both are lying. I say ‘both’.”
    It’s a tried and true jew tactic to put out at least two lies and let the fools argue over which lie is true.
  6. Eventually, the perpetrators settled on a name: Covid-19. The “19” is for the year, 2019. So, every year, or whenever, the liars can trot out another one, say, “Covid-20” this fall (in 2020). And they can do that until it becomes stale, at which time they’ll make up a new piece of health fear-porn.
  7. We started getting videos made by individuals with cellphone cameras at hospitals, even at the famous-name hospitals where the jewsmedia and president Trump and his fellow crypto-jews Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx said there was a shortage of beds as the hospitals were being “overwhelmed” with covid patients. The videos showed all the hospitals virtually empty. Yes, this included the hospitals supposedly bustling with “covid patients” the day before on the jewsmedia.
    At first, I responded cautiously. We liked the new videos, right? But it seemed too easy. It might have been yet another misdirection, like the story of the manufacture of covid at Ft. Detrick, and the nonsense that “covid is triggered by 5G!”
    But those personal videos were soon joined by more vids from cities all over the USA and the world, clearly valid and true.
    AND we even had the government quietly confirm that medical workers were being laid off all over the country!
The admirable Dr. Peter Duesberg, who holds the science liars’ feet to the fire, exposing their HIV claims and much more.

With all of the evidence above, even laggards ought now say “Case Closed. It’s a hoax for sure.”

And yet the sheeple still buy the whole fraud. As I have been saying for about a year now, “Sheeple don’t wake up.”

And I mean it. It is true. Adults who so lack a thirst for truth that they obliviously accept as true the most obviously contradictory information are mentally unfit. They don’t, and won’t, wake up. What they do, and will do, is follow. If we get back control of our country’s media, we will feed them the truth. The sheeple’s sources of information will no longer be jewlies but will be White truth. So, the sheeple will do what sheeple do: follow the “safe” route, follow the “accepted majority” and the “accepted authority.”

Apply a Rule Of Thumb

Now that some Covid-19 lies have been established, let me give the best Rule of Thumb as to why it’s a total hoax with no such virus:

If it were real, they wouldn’t need the lies.

Some people are not moved by such stark clarity. They should be, but they aren’t. They need to wrangle with the details they have believed.


Let’s ask: Can all the results we’ve seen be accomplished by the liars without any novel virus at all? The answer is “Yes.”

The normal flu every year infects tens of millions of Americans and kills many thousands of them — this is from the government’s own statistics that anybody can easily look up. Two years ago, as the CDC’s own website says:

  • 45 million Americans got the flu, and
  • 61,000 died from it.

Compare those numbers with the supposed stats of “Covid-19.” We weren’t put under House Arrest two years ago for that “killer flu,” nor should we. Not then, not now. Even if Covid-19 were true, it’s criminally wrong to put us under House Arrest over it, and kill our small businesses, and kill our jobs, and restrict our rights to travel and assemble.

The flu always kills mostly old people who are already weak and usually suffering some other malady before the flu hits them. So, the normal flu gave the liars all the initial numbers they falsely reported as covid cases and deaths. And then, as the real flu waned as it always does (flu season in the USA is November to April), along came the CDC’s own directives as shown for anyone with the gumption to see on the CDC’s own website:

  • Assume that cases construable as covid are covid, even without any testing. And assume deaths are by covid even if no test for covid has been performed. Yes, really. This is documented.

From there, all you need is jews in place to follow those lie directives. Also following the CDC are duped nonjews in the medical profession, of which there are scads. This I know from having known some and from my recent conversations with others.

And the jewsmedia, of course, gleefully lie as they are directed to lie. I know how the media work, starting with my ignorantly working for them in the 1990s — in a PBS tv station and then six years for a big city daily newspaper.

  • The jew owners of the media know the truth and know they will not tell it.
  • The jew editors know the agenda is always anti-White whether or not they know the truth about the latest hoax as it unfolds.
  • The low-IQ jew reporters and newsreaders, with their low-IQ nonWhite sidekicks, follow their directions, read their supplied scripts, and thereby keep their easy high-paid jobs.

As nonWhites, they are all quite happy with the anti-White agenda. All the races are naturally racist — that’s how the races kept separate enough to establish and maintain separate races in the first place.

Only our White race has been so gullible as to widely adopt the jews’ anti-racist propaganda. How do I know? For starters, I have taught students from all over the world, and I have lived in two nonWhite countries.

There’s another rule, not quite a Rule of Thumb, but surely a rule for skepticism. It is this:

We must highly doubt that the jews would unleash anything that would be equally destructive to jews as to the rest of us.

It is true that on rare occasions in history, the top jews have let some jews be killed for “the greater good of jewry.” But it would be foolish to think they make a habit of it. It would break down their vital racial unity. And jews are united like no other race on the planet. The Chinese, though very united, with their Chinatowns, false bookkeeping, and international racial support network, are a distant second to jewry.

We have seen claims that the jews secretly had the vaccine before they unleashed the virus. This is just more disinfo thrown into the sea of disinfo generated by the perps and fools who spread it. Remember, if it were real, they wouldn’t need the lies. And we have trustworthy experts who say that there never has been an effective vaccine against a coronavirus. I will revisit this fact below.


First, if we accept the concept of viruses, the only way to see such small things — bits of RNA or DNA — is by electron microscope. Do they “confirm” possible positive cases of the “covid virus” by viewing samples under electron microscopes?

No, they don’t.

So, whatever they do, it is not proof.

One kind of “confirmation” is by using the PCR invention, and as I mentioned above, the inventor of PCR, Kary Mullis (who died in 2019), said this kind of use of PCR is misuse of it, wrongful and invalid. I could go into detail about what I have learned of how the PCR is being misused in the “covid” case. But why? The White inventor, himself, said this kind of use of it is bogus.

The other kinds of “confirmation” tests are supposed to chemically react with side-effects of the “novel coronavirus,” such as antibodies produced by the infection. But all of these so-called tests are so nonspecific, they trigger as “positive” from side-effects of the normal colds, flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, and many other related ailments.

President John Magufuli of Tanzania, suspicious, sent in samples for testing taken from fruits and animals. They came back “positive.” Courageous medical workers in the USA and other countries have sent tests with unused swabs to labs and gotten positive results. Groups of people, such as on cruise ships, have been tested and retested, and the personal results switched from positive to negative to positive to negative — an impossibility if the virus and tests were real and valid. Many people have reported going to be tested, signing-in, waiting in line so long that they gave it up and left without being tested, and later being told they tested positive!

Thus, the tests and their reported results are utter bullshit.

Here is one of the multiple places on the CDC’s own website where the liars try to finesse their lies into being legally benign. In blue, the CDC says a “positive test result shows you might” — MIGHT — have evidence of infection. And it goes on to say “there is a chance” a positive result could just be from the common cold. You see? “Might,” and “there is a chance.” The CDC goes on to say that negative results don’t confirm anything, either. Fear Porn.

Yet, there is a big push to test everybody. Well, that is, everybody but jews, who have and will lie about being tested. So, why the big push for testing? Testing, by way of the false positives, provides the liars with supposed evidence of new covid cases. Round and round on the evil-go-round we go.

(That last sentence is a lyric from my song, “Another July/JewLie”, not yet released.)

Here, we see lying scum Anthony Fauci, playing his role believe-it-or-not as a “good cop” to Trump’s “bad cop,” being defended by former jew directors of the CDC Tom Frieden and Jeffrey Koplan. And maybe the other two are jews, too. If not, they are certainly jew tools. (I know, Satcher is dark. It does not mean he’s not a jew.) To those of us who have researched jews, especially crypto-jews, Fauci is one, no doubt.

But the liars will lie even without any false “evidence” on which to base their lies. They don’t really need the false positives. If jews control the info flow, they’ll just say they have positive results even if they didn’t test anybody.

Akin to that, we have a slew of reports out of Florida showing various hospitals and/or labs with 100-percent positives. According to local media reports, the labs say they reported positive and negative results but the state government is who put out the lying lists of 100-percent positive results.

What does that tell us? Either some of the labs are not controlled by jews, or they’re all lying. The state government is certainly controlled by jews. Governor DeSantis claims to be Italian (sure, like mobsters Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, and the lying Cuomos are “Italians”). And the wife of DeSantis is more obviously than him another crypto-jew.

Again, if the supposed killer novel SARS-HIV coronavirus Covid-19 were real, they wouldn’t need to lie.


First, let me cut to the chase with utter clarity, again.

If I choose to get a vaccine because I trust that it works, it’s fine with me if nobody else on the planet chooses to get the vaccine. Why? Because if it works, then I am protected. Case closed.

Don’t let the liars trick you about “herd immunity.” Every year, we are naturally exposed to mutations of old viruses and to new ones. Without any “vaccines,” our bodies deal with all those intruders. Most people have no symptoms from them. A minority of people have symptoms, no big deal. And a puny portion of that minority gets killed by one or more of the intruders — usually because those people are already near death’s door. The rest of us carry on, having developed immunity to those specific intruders. That is HERD IMMUNITY. It is entirely natural. But the liars want to make “herd immunity” mean only “vaccinated immunity.” See how they work?

One more time: If their claims were true, they wouldn’t need the lies.

We hear from many sources that “all” vaccines are poisoned. This may be true now. But it has not always been true. The great and honest Germany of 1933-45 had some vaccines. (Uh oh! I just shocked a lot of fools with that verifiable fact. They’re cussing me out, now.)

To be brief, I’ll not walk through my knowledge on this topic acquired by reading historical books on the subject. I don’t mean recent jew-published supposed histories. I mean books written in the 1700s, 1800s, and early 1900s by apparently White doctors and scientists who were actually doing the work.

In the jew’s testimony, he said the only vaccine he got as a child was for diptheria. Thus, either the diptheria vaccine was safe back then, or he lied about getting that shot so that he, a pusher of vaccines, wouldn’t be on record as saying he never got any of what he pushed on the population.

Anyway, we probably are safe in saying that since and including the jews’ polio vaccine of the 1950s, vaccines that the government wants injected into us are all poisoned.

We have jews on record admitting some of their poisons. (See the video clip of jew Stanley Plotkin in the video accompanying this article.)

We have whistleblowers, some of whom are jews giving only half the story and twisting the story to blame Whites instead of the real perps, the jews themselves. Here, I will insert the name of Judy Mikovitz, a crypto-jew, I say. Although Mikovitz is telling some good truth about scum Fauci’s criminal history, she has a book to sell, and a virus to sell, and she outs not a single jew as a jew. Thus, she leaves the ignorant masses to think the perps are Whites when they are not Whites, they are jews.

And how about that illustrious international do-gooder Bill Gates? He, too, is a crypto-jew. His ancestry is clearly jew, and he is tight with the high-level heinous international jews, from jew Jeffrey Epstein on up to the jew Rothschilds.

I like to present group photos and ask, “Which one is not a jew?” The answer is not “one” of them but none of them is not a jew. They’re all jews. But sometimes, scouring up good evidence on crypto-jews is very difficult. In this article, we’ll skip the two men top-left and top-right. The others are, obviously, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, and Deborah Birx.

Bill Gates, Fauci, Trump, the CDC, World Health Organization, GAVI, and more: They are all in business together, along with others, including Israel’s biological warfare machine. And out of their true conspiracy, we fully expect them to produce a supposed vaccine cure for Covid-19. It will be poison.

Deborah Birx. She is second from left. See the boy, an obvious jew. The girl on the right has round glasses, a jew favorite — this being only a clue, not a conclusion for her. The other girl, no clues. I have researched winners of science fairs and lotteries and other big prizes, and too often find that they are jews. Look at the “national” high school science competitions: It’s rare to see White teens in the big groups of finalists — because jews choose the finalists, all or nearly all nonWhites. And jews are routinely among the top winners, not for great things. One of them I recall was for “work” proving planetary orbital adjustments — which White scientists did at least decades ago!
Deborah Birx is married to Paige Reffe, who I have shown to be a jew by digging up this piece of proof. Other evidence, too lengthy to include here, supports my conclusion that the jewly beloved covidian Birx is a jew. This is a partial show-and-tell of how to out crypto-jews.

Now, even Judy Mikovitz is on video saying that there is no such thing as an effective vaccine against any coronavirus. And there are other experts, not suspicious, who are on record for the same statement.

If not enough people learn this truth and oppose vaccines, our jewed government will try to force vaccines upon us. They already do it in a big way and without effective opposition. Many local and state governments require children to be pumped with poison vaccines before being allowed into the youth indoctrination centers called schools. What’s to stop them from making vaccinations mandatory to be a government employee (jews exempt, of course)?

The type on the image is quite small, so I will repeat it here. Walmart had a five-point star symbol, the one we think of as “American.” After Walmart originator Sam Walton died, the star was changed to the one above. Right in your face, it says Walmart is a jew-controlled, anti-White corporation.

And then jew-controlled corporations such as Walmart would be happy to make vaccinations mandatory for employment, right? I know, from the inside, about Walmart. Walmart has been pushing, not resisting, this step-by-step increase in tyranny. Such a huge, super-wealthy corporation (top of the Forbes 500) could easily afford and win lawsuits striking down the UNconstitutional “laws” by governors suspending the right to freely conduct private commerce. Instead, in advance, Walmart spent the money to buy all that “protective” hardware, stickers, literature, etc.

Bad makeup day for crypto-jew tyrant Michigan governor Gretchen Esther Whitmer.

In my state of Michigan, Walmart has actually implemented the tyranny ahead of the dates set by crypto-jew governor of Michigan, Gretchen Esther Whitmer. Anti-social distancing. Employee temperature tests. Masks.

Bill Gates wants all of us nonjews to be required to have an implanted chip or other proof of vaccination, which would be necessary to get into every business owned by jews or successfully coerced by jews into getting with the program. Gates is not a lone psychotic criminal nut. He is a member of the race of psychotic criminals who supported his illegal monopolization in computer software, and his obscene wealth accumulation by overcharging for products, and his killer-vaccine programs in many countries — all proven facts.

Donald Trump, the (s)elected president of the USA, among his own. He pretends to be pro-White, never says he is pro-White. It’s an act to give the jewsmedia an “evil White racist” to attack, thus attacking our entire White race. And the act is a cover so that his half-awake duped White worshippers turn a blind eye to Trump’s constant parade of pro-jew edicts. Do you know that by executive order he made it illegal on university campuses to say any truth about jews that jews don’t want said? If not, look it up. Why not make it illegal to spew hate speech against Whites? Never happen. Do you know about his pardons to jew criminals?

Note the Gates m.o.: Steal or otherwise make a product. And then sell copies of it. Millions upon millions of mere copies. Overpriced. Worse, he pretends he owns your computer, forcing new concoctions into your computer by “updates,” many of which you are in no way informed about and surely do not want.

What’s a vaccine? A product to make once and then sell copies of it. Sell ’em by the millions, maybe billions. It doesn’t have to work as advertised. It can work as intended though not advertised. By law, the companies cannot be sued as long as they printed the possible “side-effects,” even including death, on the product literature somewhere.


The government’s duty is to secure our rights, not to take them away.

The U.S. Constitution, as deliberately flawed as it is, includes the Bill Of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the set of the first ten amendments to the Constitution that our White ancestors demanded to be added to the Constitution in order to make it acceptable.

You see, the Constitution has its “supremacy clause,” which says no matter what the States or People think they have the right to do, the central government is the final decider as to what any State and any Person can do.

Our best Founding Fathers saw the danger in that and demanded some stipulations of rights be incorporated into the Constitution. Thanks to them, we at least have some important rights written down as part of The Law Of The Land. Note: See my article from 2013 on the CON that was the CONstitution, all evidence and quotes well sourced:

If any supposed law, or rule, or executive order that violates the Constitution is issued by any government — U.S. govt, state government, or local government — it is null and void, automatically. Period. Even the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled so. The Michigan State Constitution also says so.

But the People are so dumbed-down, so poisoned in body by their six-packs and medications, so poisoned in mind by tv and other jewsmedia, that they don’t even know these basic facts, and they wouldn’t actually act upon the knowledge if they did know it.

The truth is, our governors and the president have forfeited their offices by willfully violating their oaths and willfully denying our rights.

We don’t need some judge, a member of that system, to give us permission to throw the lying scum tyrants out of office and into prisons, or better. We have every right to just do it, and to kill anybody who stands in our way.

The same goes for the state and local police. There are some sheriffs in the country who know they are not, truly not, beholden to the orders from the president and governors. Sheriffs in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, and Connecticut, are beholden only to the people of their counties and the U.S. and state constitutions.

Sheriff Richard Mack in Arizona is one good one. I learned the above facts about sheriffs from one of his videos. Sheriff Mack makes an admirable effort to enlist other sheriffs around the country to get on board. But even Sheriff Mack only goes so far, not far enough.

It’s About Health? It’s About Control

Remember when they said the covid incubation period was two weeks, and so they wanted a two-week “self-quarantine” to “flatten the curve” and “beat this invisible enemy”? Remember that, 17 weeks ago?

“Self-quarantine.” It wasn’t “self” at all. It was tyrannical jewgovernments declaring Martial Law against us. We were, and in some ways still are, under House Arrest / Martial Law. They should be killed for such heinous crimes against us, the People.

As some have correctly said: This lockdown has not been about health. It has been about control.

  • When Whites open their own businesses and get arrested while nonWhite lockdown-violating protesters go free, it is not about health.
  • When White beachgoers get arrested but arsonists and violent looters go free, it is not about health.
  • When Whites are told we can’t hold a full-family funeral but blacks can have whole community funerals breaking all the governor’s rules in plain sight of broadcast tv and law enforcement, it is not about health.

It’s about control. Oppression. And it couldn’t be more obvious that it is first and foremost anti-White.

Of course, as the best of us know, those governors and mayors are jews and other nonWhites put in place by jews. The mayor of Minneapolis is an open jew. The governor of Minnesota is a known jew. The tyrant governor of Michigan, Gretchen Esther Whitmer, is a crypto-jew.

Note: For people who want to get better at identifying crypto-jews, see this linked pdf from the former WhitesWillWin site.–AndCrypto-jews–OnSight/article.FullyWakeUpToCrypto-jews.pdf

Do your own research on the garbage holding offices in your state, city, and county.


“Medical Industry” could be another point here, and others, but there’s only room for six.

There are many other aspects of all of this that I could expose. The false cash/coin shortage, which is because they want us to accept all-digital money, so they can track every purchase everywhere and turn off our money if we say or do something they don’t like. And they want that same control, and threat, over all White-owned small businesses, too.

As for the main subject, the hoax of Covid-19, I could delve into the solid info we have from other countries, further proving the hoax.

Oh, and masks. I won’t go into the anti-mask hysteria because it seems useful for our side. But I won’t be a part of it. Certainly, I’m against forced mask-wearing. But I lived in Japan for a good year, and I lived in Vietnam for a horrible decade. A sick Japanese person voluntarily wears a mask in public, and there is nothing wrong with that. In Vietnam, nearly all women and many men wear masks while on bicycles and motorbikes every day — against the Sun and against the pollution. I did so, too, and there was nothing wrong with that.

Another topic could be social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the other big names, all owned by jews. They simply delete the accounts of truthtellers, or they shadow-ban what the truthtellers post. And the masses of sheeple on those platforms are none-the-wiser.

Most people live their lives on info only from tv and the big social media. They will never read nor see nor hear a top-truth post, or video, or tweet.

A current mild surprise is that Twitter allows a hashtag group called “scamdemic” to exist. But of course, you won’t find any naming of the jews allowed on it. Thus, the ignorant “twits” will automatically think the criminals of banking, medicine, Hollywood, state capitals, Washington DC, pedophilia and human trafficking, etc., are Whites. They are not Whites. They are jews.

If you want to have a look, here’s the URL.

Oh, the final word on this covid hoax, and every such hoax, is a sad one. It is this: Even most of our good White website owner-writers and videomakers, despite knowing the current hoax is a hoax, will fall for the next one.

Just like they fell for the previous one: heinous criminal jew Jeffrey Epstein’s “death.”

Just like they fell for the subsequent one: big nig George Floyd’s supposed “death” by “White” cop knee on neck in full display for cameras for five to ten minutes.

My fellow Whites: The best of you are at a high level. You will at least be wary and not gullible when the next hoax is inflicted upon us. But those of you who find my knowledge here, my truth here, hard to accept: You need to raise your game. You need to practice deep constructive thought — for minutes at a time. I know, “minutes” are such a long time to think! But you need to practice and get good at it.

You need to think your way to recognizing contradictions and absurdities in what the media and government say. Become one of us. We need you.

And learn to identify jews. It’s not enough to identify jews by reading wikipedia (wiki-jew-pedia). They don’t expose their own crypto-jews. For example, even the totally obvious kikenvermin Fauci is protected by wikipedia.


  • If “Covid-19” were true, they wouldn’t need the lies.
  • If vaccines worked, the vaccinated would not care about the unvaccinated.

My final statement today is this:

When the best of us win this war, we will rule. You won’t want to be known as having done anything against us. And you won’t want to be known as having done nothing to help us. You’ll want to be with us, among us, helping us make sure no enemy lives, and helping us make sure that no part of the dead jews’ anti-White agenda ever rises again.

If you think, after some real thought or research, that any of the above listed items are in error, submit a comment. We’ll talk about it.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Even so, how many of just these have been imprisoned, or better, hanged? Two? Epstein was freed by fake death. Weinstein will get out all too soon. Oh, and Anthony Weiner was briefly detained, right? Any more?


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