Bullets Can Fix the Liars

TRUTH Can Fix What LIES Inflicted.
Bullets Can Fix the Liars.

Mere “truth” will not fix the liars. If it could, it would have been a done deal long ago.

How about 100 years ago, 1920, when Henry Ford was spreading the truth by newspaper across the country in every Ford dealership? And twenty years later, when Germany was telling the truth, and good people were helping to spread that truth around the world?

Henry Ford’s truth and Germany’s truth were followed by World War 2.

The liars didn’t get fixed. They won.

Also, if you will see the obvious, lies run circles around the truth.

  1. Before we can convince our people that “Covid-19” is a scam, a new lie commands their attention — the George Floyd absurdity.
  2. And before we can explode that lie, another new lie overwhelms our people — the lie that blacks organize themselves and fund themselves and provide pallets of bricks on street corners for themselves to riot and murder and loot, and it’s our fault!
  3. And before we can prove that jews initiate and control those operations from the top on down to the supervisors on the street, there’s a “second wave” of “virus,” or
  4. another contrived “mass shooting,” or
  5. another contrived border incident, or
  6. another nonsense “threat of war” with China or Russia, or
  7. you name it.

You see, lies run circles around the truth.

Obviously, then, the “truth” will not “set you free!” The slogan, “The truth will set you free” is another lie. It’s a lie to pacify people, to keep people from taking up arms that WILL set them free.

Clearly, truth does not set people free. Not by itself.

Henry Ford’s truth, Charles Lindbergh’s truth, Gerald L.K. Smith’s truth, Col. John Beaty’s truth, Gen. George Patton’s truth, George Lincoln Rockwell’s truth, Eustace Mullins’ truth, Revilo Oliver’s truth, JB Campbell’s truth, William Pierce’s truth ….

All that truth. Who got set free?


Yet, the liars did not win by lies alone.

The liars won by FORCE. The liars maintain their control over us by FORCE.

This has been true since before we were born.

Let’s make a partial list of the liars so we can be specific, so any doubters can do their own fact-checking and prove to themselves that we are right. And by “we” I mean all the truthtellers listed above and all my fellow truthtellers on the Internet — we who are not allowed to have our
letters printed in newspapers, not allowed to be honestly interviewed on radio or tv, not allowed to have our vital undeniable verifiable facts displayed on social media, not allowed to even have our own websites operational if the liars own or control the host-servers.

So, a partial list of the liars:
Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight David Eisenhower, Winston Churchill, Trotsky & Lenin & Stalin, Henry Kissinger, founder of NBC David Sarnoff, founder of CBS William Paley, ABC/Disney’s Michael Eisner, Diane Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, Charles Schumer, Rahm Emanuel, Wolf Blitzer, Ruth Ginzberg, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellin, Lloyd Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Trump’s chosen people Steven Mnuchin, Jared Kushner, David Friedman, Stephen Miller, Gary Cohn, Boris Epshteyn, David Shulkin, Avrahm Berkowitz, and many more.

What are all those liars? Woefully ignorant people will answer: “They’re all White people.” Wrong.

They’re all jews. Jews are not Whites. They know it. They don’t want Whites to know it. I could have named many more very famous names in the news every day now, but I held back because they are not admitted jews, they are secret jews pretending they are Whites. The ignorant doubters would ask that I “prove” they’re jews, and I would have to provide a pile of evidence on each one, and the fools would still be fools waiting for the jews to expose their own crypto-jews.

As I said, jews don’t want Whites to know that jews are not Whites. Yet, it’s an easily knowable fact. Israel, established in 1948, lets only one kind of people become full citizens of Israel. Not Whites. Only jews.

Many jews have publicly stated that Whites should be abolished from the Earth. Those jews were not talking about abolishing themselves! You ask, “What jews?” Famous names you can look up easily:

Susan Sonntag, Noel Ignatiev, prime minister of Israel Menachem Begin. And there are many more prime ministers, rabbis, and other jew officials.

People with a healthy thirst for true knowledge who don’t already know that what I have said is true will spend an hour searching and confirming the truth.

People with no thirst for truth will simply reject what I have said because it disagrees with what their precious tv, radio, and newspaper told them. They are sheeple.

By the way, sheeple don’t wake up. Many truthtellers shout: “When are our people going to wake up?!”

And my reply is: Never.

Those adults who refuse to let honest, easily verifiable facts into their brains are, as I say, adamantly ignorant. And adamantly ignorant equals stupid. Stupid equals sheeple.

Sheeple will not learn the truth. But sheeple will follow the truth — if they are immersed in it and made to feel safe with it. This will only happen after we get control of the sources of information that the sheeple accept. These are, of course, the media currently in the clutches of jews — including but not limited to tv, radio, movies, newspapers — and the government.

We who are not sheeple have to be the true “greatest generation.” We have two ways toward ultimate victory.

  1. Unite and attack all at once. Yeah, not gonna happen.
  2. As individuals, pairs, teams, squads, we covertly use our force against the liars. We kill them.

There is a third way. It requires groups who are, probably, too big to maintain secrecy. This way is spelled out on this website’s “About” page. A useful and informative name could be “The Counties Plan.”


As this site’s slogan says, “Truth can fix what lies inflicted.” This applies to people with functioning brains who are able and willing to absorb new knowledge that destroys the lies they’ve been living by.

Truth can fix what lies inflicted. And then bullets can fix the liars. For good. Not just bullets, of course. Also available to us are alternative forms of, shall we say, permanent brain surgery.

To the numbskulls, the sheeple, among us: Enjoy your tv and beer, and scamdemic lockdowns, and forced poison vaccinations, and poverty from criminally high prices, and enjoy having to buy your “rights” to have guns, drive cars, sell raw milk, open businesses, and enjoy losing all privacy in what you buy, where you go, who you meet, who you call, and on and on.

We who aspire to be the greatest generation, if we succeed, will rule.


  1. I applaud your work, sir. You know, I once thought I was going to make a video. Holy crap, it was too much work just trying to find and collect and edit clips to put in the video. Hours grow into days! I gave up. And there’s the software to learn. And then the sound — whether to use the original sound of the clips or to find music, or make music. Too much!

    Have you been spreading the word about this site up and running? I can plant some comments here and there, if you like.

    • Thank you. Indeed, it is a lot of work. Unpaid.

      Spreading the word? Just a bit, thus far. So, YES, please, do plant. And anyone else reading these words: Please help, if you will. As I like to say, If you’re White and you know it, you will.

  2. George Fry JR.

    I recall as a child, Walt Disney warning us to never allow jews control of his co company,

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