IT’S LITERALLY The End! ep18. Crypto-jews. Bad Memes. Best Intercourse

IT’S LITERALLY over for this show. Watch for a new WhiteTV series coming soon.

In this finale show, episode 18, there’s some necessary talk about crypto-jews, including The Learning Curve on Crypto-jews. In regard to that, it may be helpful if I say an alternative best-informed statement could read “Most jews in every country are crypto-jews,” but it would lack the focus on race that I insist be included.

Also, I hope you will take up the challenge to make a meme, or memes, on “Gun Pride Life” as a counter to the jews’ “pride” degeneracy agenda.

Hey, what does the flood of “Muslims” into Russia tell us about Putin? Nothing new. It only underscores my position, which I again explain.

Bad Memes. They’re out there, posted by website owners supposedly on our side. They irk me, anger me, disgust me. Such as? Anti-blonde memes. Pro-Beatles memes. Yes, no kidding.

The final Japan Nugget hits on sushi restaurants, the Japanese language, and the Best Intercourse.

I still welcome questions about Japan, Vietnam, and anything else I’ve ever talked about. I could do a special show on such subjects or work the topics into the next series. As much as I’ve invited questions in the last two months, I have received only one email with questions, and zero questions by comments. wth?

As I say in the show, it’s good that I’m ending this series before burnout so that the next series will come sooner than later.

I am Jim Laffrey, of Michigan, Tennessee, Florida, California, Japan, Hawaii, Vietnam, and South Dakota. I stand by what I say. I insist on using my right of free speech to disagree on everything with the government and the jews infesting it. Kill ‘Em All. Only jews, fools, and cowards disagree with me on that.

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