IT’S LITERALLY…! ep17. Russia’s BS jew Coup. Massage.

LITERALLY, the End Is Near! This is, like, episode 17. There will literally be, you know, actually only one more after this. Yeah, I mean, the End is literally upon us!

It was fun. But I am not going to miss the repeated ridicule of the numbskulls who repeat those empty space-filling words and phrases ad nauseum.

In this episode, let’s ridicule those who fell for yet another fake emotion-stirring event on the jew-controlled countrywide and worldwide stages as reported by jew-owned and jew-infested media companies. That event: the supposed coup attempt in Russia.

Also, hey, a Nig Dun Good! Enjoy it with me.

And my m.o. is to Let Nixon Lie. But others don’t do that. Discuss.

Finally, the Japan Nugget includes the memory of a magical massage.

Oh, and it’s another episode that gets a bit hairy.

Laugh if you have ’em.

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