IT’S LITERALLY…! ep12. 3,000-y.o. Germanic Sword. Expose Cryptos

IT’S LITERALLY episode12!

A report from Germany says they found a fabulous sword tentatively dated at 3,000 years old. I do what others don’t: I consider the entire industry and community involved in producing such great work.

VietNam Nugget7 tells WHY, WHY, and WHY. Also, I share the list of nuggets past and future along with details that may never be repeated.

Also, I expose some more crypto-jews. I do say so myself that no one else in our truth movement has exposed more crypto-jews local, countrywide, and worldwide than I have.

This special MyWhiteTV series, IT’S LITERALLY…!, will end by the end of June. Two weeks to go, at most.

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