RFKjr TuckerCarlson RonDesantis — 2 jews and a fool

What you might not know is that the fool is married to a jew!

Scroll down here to see a batch of images and text points about RFKjr.



Above, RFKjr has been listed on the passenger manifest and has admitted to flying on jew Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express at least twice. We already know he is sexually scum, but this is worse.

Above, rfk jr supported the LOCKDOWNS, thus is a traitor because of his support for the unConstitutional denial of our right to travel, a form of imprisonment totally without authority. Government has no authority to do that to us.

Above, rfk jr shows he is a traitor against our full right to Keep and Bear Arms. He did this using the NRA as proxy. Please note that the NRA (National Rifle Association) is a jew-controlled op, thus absurdly yet deliberately weak in favor of our Right. And it wrongly limits our arms to rifles and pistols. Thus, certainly not “terrorists.” But the NRA is placed there to be the established whipping boy for enemies, traitors, and idiots to attack. rfk jr is one such traitor.

Above, and in the remaining two images below, rfk jr is correctly described as in favor of jewry’s poisons called “vaccines” against us, and he directly opposed a valuable White woman’s efforts and group — a woman who was killed because of her success, though we lack specifics.

SUMMARY: rfk jr deserves capital punishment as a deliberate multiple traitor right along with the entirety of The Enemy of Humanity that is jewry.

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