jIMPACT! Energy — Good, Bad, and Ugly

Wind turbines. The McCanney Wing Generator. Solar panels. Coal- and oil- and natural-gas-fired electricity production. Hydro power. So-called “nuclear” power.

Which are good? Which are bad? Which are ugly?

What are the lies we’re being told about them?

What about electric cars?

Think about this: electric versus gasoline-powered cars.

Electric cars: A fuel is burned to boil water to make steam to provide the mechanical power to turn turbines to generate electricity, and then that electricity is sent over wires to where the vehicle is plugged in — for 20 minutes to 10 hours. A very wasteful process.

Gasoline-powered cars: A fuel is burned in the engine of the car directly producing mechanical energy to power the vehicle.

So, who’s trying to push us out of gasoline-powered cars?


  1. Excellent video! Very informative!!
    Reminds me of a guy who works at my bank. He bought a hybrid BMW and the air conditioner went out. Do you have any idea how much it cost to replace the A/C in a hybrid BMW?? Try $ 3,000!! I’m not even lying. It’s almost ridiculous. How hardly nobody is waking up. I can’t get anyone to budge!! I literally feel like I’m in a nightmare screaming and nobody can hear me!!

    • Thanks, Stacey. You wrote “hardly nobody is waking up. I can’t get anyone to budge!!” I feel your pain. The tv watchers are programmed to BELIEVE they actually know things. And they are programmed to automatically reject info contrary to what they get from tv and reject we who offer the info. Lately, I’ve tried to influence a few by way of the simple and easily verifiable facts about carbon-dioxide. But they do one search online, get a page of results of jew liars and their tools, and continue BELIEVING. And of course, that BELIEVING is much more comfortable than accepting the truth. So, they put me in the category of “conspiracy theorist,” just as they’ve been programmed to do. The masses keep proving they’re Dumb mASSES. As I’ve long said, Sheeple Don’t Wake Up. We have to find ways, methods, techniques that work to grow our minority to a critical mass. We’ll never get the majority, nor do we need the majority. I’m a facts and knowledge man. Facts and knowledge only sway our intelligent minority. Others have to be wrenched emotionally, which is not what I’m good at. Who among us is?

  2. True, I believe what upsets me the most is the way the Universities have influenced our young people. My daughter and I argued about vaccines causing autism. She’s graduated from University of Florida with BS in Micro Biology. Therefore, trying to convince her these covid shots were dangerous and immunizations in children were causing autism basically ruined our relationship. It’s been almost a year since we’ve spoken to each other. I blame the Jews for their medical association and Rockefeller foundation and the University for all of this misinformation. When I think about all of the doctors who are inDOCtrinated with these lies. I’m beside myself.

    • Agreed. That’s sad about your daughter. Since the beginning of the covid hoax in early 2020, I’ve talked with several medical professionals. Not a single one of them could explain what PCR is and does (while I COULD explain it). All fools, BELIEVERS in what they were taught and more recently told. None of them had given any thought to what the supposed covid “tests” actually tested for. Of course, the jews’ propaganda push calling medical workers “heroes” worked as intended, making them reject any info that would strip them of their “hero” status.

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