jIMPACT! Egg-Defying Feat. Why?!

It’s not me defying the eggs. It’s the eggs defying me! Specifically, the solid mass of cooked eggs.

I don’t get it. The liquid goes in the direction I intend and expect in accordance with the force I put into it.

But the cooked eggs, the solid mass, rotates in the opposite direction of what I intend and expect!

Why? Does anyone know the physical, scientific, accurate explanation?

I don’t want to hear just a name, such as the coriolus effect, or the yolka-polka super-duper. I want an explanation of the physical forces in operation.

This is a thing I first noticed years ago and thought someday I’d make a video of it. Well, that day is today. And I am still surprised that I have no clue why the solid mass rotates in the opposite direction of all intention and expectation.

No trick, here, I assure you. Do it yourself. I’m looking forward to some responses.

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