jIMPACT! 2022-09-01 MUSIC

jIMPACT! MUSIC. Van Morrison and Eric Clapton. Let’s consider their efforts in protest of the international criminal “covid” lockdown and denials of other rights.

Also, let’s take a brief tour of Truth landmarks in history, one of which is Henry Ford’s most famous book. And in regard to music, Henry Ford expressed his strong position against certain kinds of music, upon which I touch in this fifth episode of the new jIMPACT series.

Link to Van Morrison’s video channel on Youtube (jewtube). Most notable recent songs there: “Dangerous,” “Nervous Breakdown,” “Pretending,” and “Where Have All The Rebels Gone?” (The song I specifically praised, “Damage and Recovery,” is not offered there.

Link to Eric Clapton’s video channel on jewtube. Most notable songs: “Pompous Fool,” “This Has Gotta Stop,” and “The Rebels.”


  1. Very good! I heard a Van Morrison song on the commercial time at speakfreeradio.com today. A couple of days ago I saw Mick Jagger on ‘VSITED PEDO Island” meme – http://www.kirksvilletoday.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/856f7e685ebfeb86-1136265.jpeg

    • Thank you, Sarah. Wow, that’s a very good meme! jew jews. nigger jews. and likely one or two asian jews. The fools say the system was to get the famous people into position of being blackmailed if they were to step out of line. WRONG, I say. It’s a service jews provide for their fellow jews, with or without a hefty price attached. The whole trafficking network is first and foremost for jews to get to have their heinous evil “fun” IN SAFETY, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, with White children and with children of other races.

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