jIMPACT! 2022-08-27 CARS

jIMPACT! Episode 3. Understand CARS — the issues, the lies, the crimes, emissions vs actual pollution, Electric Vehicles (EVs) vs Internal-Combusion-Engined (ICE) cars, solar power, wind power, the force that the automakers could use but don’t, and WHY.

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Note: The video picture quality is low because I had to reduce the resolution to get a manageable file size for this rather long video. I suppose that when viewed small, such as on phones, it will look good.

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  1. Great video! My first new car was a 1976 Olds Cutlass – classic white with the partial black top. It was driven to and from University of KY, Lexington – no cruise control – fall ’78 – spring ’83. COST: $5,200 with monthly payments $161.

    • Good memories. That’s a car I’d like to have now, as a second car, of course. I’ll bet you were same as me back then — with no clue as to the REALITY we have since learned about, a reality that we SHOULD have been taught in school and/or by our parents.

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