NO SHOW 2 — military veterans and militias

NO SHOW.” Number 2. Military Veterans and Militias across the country. And retired LEOs.

They’re all sworn to defend and support the Constitution — INCLUDING THE BILL OF RIGHTS — from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Let’s go on a tour of some of their websites and consider what a huge population they are — a NO SHOW population.

Also, in this show, I urge all Whites to read the book “Stuka Pilot” by true hero Hans Ulrich Rudel. Right here on this website, click the “BOOKS+” menu item atop the page and go get the free pdf file of that great book.

And the Counties Plan is on the ABOUT page, also linked at the top.

About The Author
- Born to White parents who were born in the U.S.A., of proud German and proud Irish ancestry. Consider how great our lives would be if we had been born and raised in a country controlled by our own people -- as it should be -- rather than controlled by jews pretending to be our own people.

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