YOUR Show! Ep4. Opioids. Chemtrails. Edgar Steele. WhiteDate. White Sculpture.

This fourth episode of YOUR Show will surprise you. Yes, it will. I stake my wife on it! No, I don’t have a wife — but I want one. But no kidding, you will be surprised by something:

An emailer, info about Edgar Steele, chemtrails, the opioid crisis, WhiteDate, White sculpture, The Beatles — shhh.

Join in! It’s called YOUR Show because it is YOUR stuff. Viewers send in memes, questions, or topic suggestions AND IT ALL GETS IN THE SHOW! Without your stuff, there’d be no show. Keep it coming and keep it going.


— Jim

About The Author
- Born to White parents who were born in the U.S.A., of proud German and proud Irish ancestry. Consider how great our lives would be if we had been born and raised in a country controlled by our own people -- as it should be -- rather than controlled by jews pretending to be our own people.


  • Sarah Perry

    Great, fun show! Nice Sackler meme and the life rune symbol. I’ve heard of Edgar Steele but don’t know anything about him, so it’s good to mention earlier ones in the truth movement.
    I don’t know what’s in chemtrails, but maybe there are different concoctions of chemicals for different areas. I have heard of drought areas where there are lots of chemtrails, but here is not one of them. The cycle here has been pretty consistent – rains, blue sky, chemtrails, cloud-filled skies, rain – repeat.
    Same for the COVID-19 injections. I don’t think all the vials are the same, even some placebos, so you’ll have some say, “I got the shot and I’m OK.” while others are severely damaged or die. The enemy jew has many tricks in his scum bag.

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