YOUR Show! Episode 2 of Your Stuff

This show lives or dies by your stuff. You decide the content. If you don’t offer memes, questions, topics by comments or emails to me, then there won’t be a show.

So, come on! Join in! Make the show what YOU want the show to be.

This episode is based on a meme sent in by an emailer centering on covidiots and the poison so-called “vaccines.”

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  1. Sarah Perry

    … someone posted a video of the ‘March of the Vaccine Dead’ in Parma, Italy here… can’t find it!! Please repost, as I can’t find the link anywhere, just:

  2. Weird comment, Sarah. Nobody posted such a video here, nor could anyone but me.

  3. Sarah Perry

    It was not posted here – from another site. Just thought it was another protest against “vaccines”. Do you think it is fake. Could be. If any comment is too weird – just delete.

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