‘YOUR Show’ premiere! It’s YOUR Stuff.

Hear, Ye! Hear, Ye!

YOUR Show” has launched. It’s your stuff, thus your show. Viewers decide the content of the show by sending in content! Memes, questions, subjects.

Yes, I’m even willing to re-visit subjects that I previously banned from comments, such as FlatEarth and ChristianIdentity, to name two. Of course, I will simply destroy them — again. But this tells you how open I really am.

Bear in mind that this is MyWhiteTV. Whites only.

Here’s the email address to use: MyWhiteTV@tutanota.com

In this premiere episode:

Emailers submitted memes on ‘Believe vs Know’ and on chemtrails.

A question was submitted on the difference between a contrived event and a false-flag event.

Subjects submitted are the NationalVanguard/NationalAlliance chairman’s ban of Buelah Man, and the claimed murder of a reportedly German doctor who charged that the so-called “vaccines” are spiked with “nano razor blades.”


This link opens as the article on the National Vanguard website, which is about Kyle Rittenhouse, and the comment controversy arose because of Buelah Man’s simple defense of KyleR that the Will Williams cult forbade.

This link opens to the BrandNewTube page of the video — that I have NOT watched — that is shown as a link in the email I presented. Note: Last year I did a video exposing BrandNewTube’s censoring in favor of jewry.

This link, for fun, is my music video (on the WorldTruthVideos platform) that includes a portion on the jews’ attack on the USS Liberty ship in 1967, in which the jews killed dozens of White men and injured about 130 more. This subject came up in the defining of “false-flag.”

It’s YOUR Show. You decide the content. And if nobody sends in content, there won’t be a next show.

Send to this email address of mine: MyWhiteTV@tutanota.com


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