Special: NIGGER jEWS

Proof: jews who look like niggers/blacks/african-americans often pretend to be “blacks” to serve their jew race and advance their anti-White agenda.

Cases in point:

  • Colin Powell, infamous liar on the world stage, who recently died of cancer but jewry lyingly labeled it a “covid death.”
  • Lenny Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, and their offspring — pretending to be “african-americans” when they are jews.
  • Crypto-jew Joseph Biden’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge.
  • Of course, Barack Obama.

And more!


This link (added 23Oct2021) opens a GAB post listing 50-some jews/crypto-jews appointed by Biden. As shown in this show, I haven’t studied the names and faces of the latest jew-infested administration. There are, of course, MANY more crypto-jews just under the radar in every agency and on every office staff throughout the government.

This link opens my page of “BOOKS+” and pdf files, on which you can easily find, view and/or download my articles on Identifying Crypto-jews and recognizing the TOO-WIDE Mouth.

This link opens the jews’ Forward .com article on Colin Powell from which I showed and read several excerpts.

This link opens as the page titled “African-American Jews” on wikipedia — wiki-jew-pedia, owned and censored by jews.

This link opens as the page on wiki-jew-pedia titled “List of African-American Jews.”

This link opens the New York Public Library page I showed that lists many nigger jews.

Yep, it’s sickening and maddening.

CLAIMER: In the USA, we have the right to disagree with the government on who the enemies are who need to be killed. I say all of jewry is the supreme enemy of our White race who founded and built the USA, and we need to kill them all. This quite obviously includes the nigger jews, too.


Jim Laffrey


  1. Sarah Perry

    Very good show with information to reveal that Colin Powell was a crypto-jew, not just a Shabbos goy (non-jew). Powell lied to incriminate Saddam Hussein leading to war in Iraq. Then his son, Michael Powell, was Chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from 2001 to 2005.
    Do you have information on jew Dwight D. Eisenhower? Ike is a jewish nickname, but someone was asking for a better reason (source) to think he’s a jew. There was a preacher that said he was a jew and his mother was black. This preacher also said the mother hated Germans. Perhaps she was a black-jew.

    • Thanks, Sarah! Good comment, good added info on the son of the Powell being given the high-pay plum job. On jew Eisenhower, I haven’t presented the pile of totally conclusive evidence since I did so in an article either on my old WhitesWillWin site or the site before that one. I have not kept any links or images or clips from that long ago. But I remember one of the facts was that in officer school (maybe West Point?), the White cadets nicknamed Eisenhower the “swedish jew” or something like that, with the word “jew” in it. I’m unlikely to go searching for my old article etc. (as anybody aware of jewry can easily find enough evidence for the conclusion), but if I do, and if I find it, I’ll let you know — probably by email.

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