Special: A Horrific Slice of Whites

Proof that the jews are promoting Christianity. The recent movie ‘Til Kingdom Come made in Israel and featuring famous and infamous Christians in the USA, proves the jews are using White Christians as tools, as indoctrinators of White children, as fundraisers for jewry, and more.

Here, see 10 minutes of video clips from the movie along with my commentary.

Pat Robertson is one featured evangelical servant, propagandist, and fundraiser for jewry. But we all can name many others.

They have, and they are, duping and indoctrinating such a large slice of our White race that it is horrifying. Thus, the title of this special MyWhiteTV presentation: “A Horrific Slice of Whites.”


This link opens as the torrent-site page offering the movie for download, which is where I saw it and downloaded it from. I use the TOR browser to open such sites so as to stop the intrusive and possibly malignant popups that frequently occur on those sites. I do not recommend watching the sickening movie. But you might do it if you seek other facts or oddly hanker for a fright.

This link opens as the pdf file of the Liberty Bell magazine issue of November 1985, from which I got the Revilo Oliver excerpt on Pat Robertson’s monstrous take from his White dupes across America.

No one is more pro-White than he who absolutely opposes all the mind-poisons jewry has inflicted upon our White race, along with all of jewry’s other crimes against us, and who urges our best to rise up and kill the Enemy — jewry — before it’s too late. Yes, this is a description of me.

I say again: We Whites of the USA are a well armed population. If we rise up, we win.


Jim Laffrey


  1. Sarah Perry

    the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically [by faith].
    Indoctrination of Whites – Jews Taking Advantage of White People through Christianity.

    • Indeed. And not only through C-insanity but also exploiting our White people through our race’s general gullibility to the big lies of every kind.

  2. Jim,
    Your best show ever! I have forgotten how the evangelical world is like. Gullible simpletons! Their faith/belief is completely based on lie upon lie.

    • Thank you! Yes, horrific, “gullible simpletons!” And it occured to me to ask, rhetorically, about that 3rd-gen preacher boy and his semi-automatic weapon(s): He’s all about “love,” “love thy neighbor,” “love thine enemy,” so as he’s doing his target practicing, WHO could he possibly imagine needing to SHOOT?

  3. Probably a friend of NC Scout!

    • Yeah, HE could be a friend of NC Scout! And to answer my rhetorical question, I would say he’s target practicing and imagining shooting US Whites (including you and me) who know THE enemy is his beloved jewry.

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