LibertyBellShow s01e14: FINALE. If CloudCoin Were White. WoWs.

This is the finale episode of this LibertyBellShow series, which has been in honor of the Liberty Bell magazine of the previous century.

Let’s consider why that great magazine effort got no big donation from a rich White person. Nor have I. Nor has any true White top-truth online effort. Prove me wrong, if you can. Meanwhile, I ask, “WHY?” and invite your answers.

Again, I visit the jew-dominated sewer that is the crypto-currency world. I focus on CloudCoin, which as far as I know was invented by a White man. The inventor’s name is Sean Worthington. But his organization has been infiltrated by jews. Let’s consider: What if CloudCoin were totally White?

Finally, I present a new and vital Wow, and repeat some of my WoWs that I “inflicted” upon viewers during the MyWhiteSHOW series. They do bear repeating.


This link opens as the pdf file of the Liberty Bell magazine issue of February 1985, in which the excerpt from Revilo Oliver’s column will be found.

This link opens as the main page of the Resist. com site’s archive of the Liberty Bell magazine issues stored as pdf files. The archive contains most, not all, of the magazines issues. The missing issues are not available anywhere online, as far as I know. There are other repositories of Liberty Bell magazine issues as pdf files, such as on archive .org, but none with the missing issues, again, as far as I know. If you know better, please inform by comment on a video or by email to me at . Whites only.



Jim Laffrey

The LibertyBellShow ends here.

MyWhiteTV lives on.


  1. Sarah Perry

    Great show. I’ve enjoyed the snippets from “The Liberty Bell” magazine. The next MyWhiteTv re Voice of Aryans will be good. You didn’t mention Good bye to Colin ‘Shabbos Goy’ Powell. I can’t say that I follow the WoWs but they look right. WoWs – Words of Wisdom
    • If you won’t kill the tyrants, you deserve the tyranny.
    • It is far better to regret having done something, than to regret having done nothing.
    • Only White Force has ever established and maintained White Peace on this planet.
    • It’s stupid to fill children’s minds with fiction.
    • It’s stupid to let the enemy teach our children.

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