LibertyBellShow s01e06: Your 1st ‘puter. Gabby Petito and jews. Bill Of Rights.


  • Your First Computer.
  • Gabby Petito and jews.
  • The nigR Kelly guilty.
  • The Bill Of Rights.

I should have added, in talking of the reported homicide of Gabby Petito, that especially if top-suspect Brian Laundrie gets exposed as a jew, the story will disappear from the jewsmedia!


This link will open as the pdf of the Liberty Bell magazine issue of May 1984, containing the Letters To The Editor about the new pro-White computer network established by owner George Dietz.

This link will open as the EricPetersAutos page on which I have two comments, one being the comment featured in this video.

Again, my CONstitution article is as good as it gets, and it is on this linked page of my website, which also features other pdf files of major interest that you can download and own. Yeah, free.



  1. ( This week, Fox News interviewed a forensic psychiatrist on the widely-reported murder of Gabby Petito. And during the interview, he said that the August 12 body cam footage from the Moab Police Department raises a red flag.

    • Come on, Sarah, you have to tell us WHY. FOX News and somebody they choose to interview carries NO WEIGHT. If there’s an aspect that you judge as worthy, you should tell us what it is.

  2. I live under a rock and had no idea what your Gabby discussion was about. Same with the niggeR.. Maybe a little context introduced before hand?
    Intro to computing? The little college I went to had one computer science course, “Intro to FORTRAN. FORTRAN is a computer language. The computer was an archaic IBM . We had to input our programs into a machine to produce punch cards. Then we fed those cards into a card reader which passed on the program and data to the actual computer. Output was via a line printer. There was no monitor. My first personal computer was a Texas Instruments, TI-99. You used your TV as a display monitor and memory storage was on cassette tapes. You wrote programs in MS-DOS. Younger folks will have no idea what I am talking about.

    • Thank you! My first computer experience was the same as yours. Michigan Tech University in 1976-77 (one year), same FORTAN, punch cards, etc. That turned me off to computers for more than a decade! That experience didn’t come to mind AT ALL when I decided to put the ‘puter segment in this video.

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