LibertyBellShow s01e05: BallotBoxScam. Target-Rich Environs. T-Shirts?

Our people don’t need encouragement to do nothing! That’s what they’ve been doing for generations!

Our people need encouragement to do something!

This episode of the LibertyBellShow features an article from 1984 about the two- and occasionally three-party “Ballot Box Sham.” They knew it then, almost 40 years ago. So, why are our people still — still — duped into it?

Our people need to learn what’s already been taught, long ago!

Also, in this show, enjoy the recognition of a few target-rich environments as a subject related to my recent stirring of the pot on a military-veterans website. This includes talk of my Counties Plan, which is best told on my ABOUT page.

Finally, what do you think about LibertyBellShow t-shirts? Have a look, and please respond.


This link opens as the pdf file of the Liberty Bell magazine issue of June 1984, in which you will find the “Ballot Box Sham” article.

This link opens as the pdf file of the Liberty Bell magazine issue of May 1992 in which you’ll find the passage by Revilo Oliver about the niggers shooting Whites from car to car.

This link opens on the David Irving website page that offers his comments and links on current events.

The mentioned comments by me and two others on the AmericanPartisan military-veterans website are on this linked page.

Here is the EricPetersAutos page on which my long and strong comment resides.



  1. Just a thought – how about a t-shirt without the box around SHOW? Would the bell stand out more? The size on the letters would stay the same. If good quality:
    Basic short sleeve ~ $25, long sleeve $28, basic sweat shirt $35, Hoodie sweat shirt $43. – Back – blank.

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