LibertyBellShow Premiere! China jews. Rizoli Ravioli.

Enjoy the new LibertyBellShow, the latest series here on MyWhiteTV!

Each episode will feature at least one piece of notable longterm knowledge — longterm truth — mined from the archives of the great Liberty Bell magazine. And that knowledge will be applied to today, proving that my own knowledge that I share in my videos is not “new” but is time-tested truth.

Also, with this knowledge of the longerm truth, we see that nearly everybody else is off course, spinning their wheels, chasing the daily and weekly lies of jewry instead of rightly focusing on the only ways to victory:

  • correctly identifying WHO is the enemy
  • correctly urging WHAT we must do to the enemy.

Furthermore, each episode can be expected to delight my fellow Whites with related images, memes, and commentary.

CLAIMER (not a “disclaimer”): The government tells us who the supposed “enemies” are and encourages and commits violence every day against supposed “enemies” foreign and domestic. We Americans have the right to disagree with the government on who are the real enemies and to encourage that same violence to be used against them.

As with every “right,” we must maintain it and use it — or lose it.


James “Jim” Laffrey

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