MyWhiteSHOW: ‘Everything’ Pt3. Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler. FBI Visit.

Welcome to the finale of Season Two of MyWhiteSHOW — which is Your White Show.

As announced in the previous episode, this one is the end. No promises, but likely there will be a third season, which would likely begin in summer.

Here, get the third and final installment of the series “EVERYTHING the American Public BELIEVES Is False.”

Second, let’s celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday, 20 April.

Also, I give a rundown of the 14April visit by the FBI — the Federal Bureau of Intimidation — in service of jewry. Of course, intimidation isn’t the only service the fbi provides for the enemy jews.

And as usual, there are MEMEs for your edutainment, plus a Pop Quiz (which is supposed to be a surprise).



  1. Sarah Perry

    NO pessimism, NO defeatism! – Just rise up with the knowledge of jewry. You gotta know who: jew

  2. Alba Ultor

    Happy Birthday Mein Fuhrer Adolf Hitler! Thank you for committing your entire life to the struggle for Our Life on this earth, providing all White Folk the most selfless example of how to fight the sadistic, cruelly insane jewish parasite that plagues all life. You tirelessly sacrificed your life for us; may we live to honor your life by preserving, defending and avenging our beleaguered Folk. The deadly jewish parasite gone predator has perpetually libeled, slandered and smeared your most honorable legacy; ironically, all they’ve really accomplished is to preserve your memory for all eternity in the minds of all people.

    May your wise words continue to echo truthfully throughout eternity:

    Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

    Above all I enjoin the leaders of the nation and their followers to scrupulous observance of the laws of race, and to merciless resistance to the universal poisoner of all peoples, international Jewry.

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